Current Retail of Rolex Lady Date adjust?

  1. There are not too many Rolex retailers in my area so before I go I was wondering if anyone could tell me what I should expect to pay right now for a ladies date adjust in either stainless or two tone with a mother of pearl face. Also how much does diamond markers add??
  2. I don't know the exact amount, but I have been looking at a stainless Lady Date Adjust with a white gold bezel and mother-of-pearl face too. I think I was quoted $7,200, but I can't remember exactly. This wasn't from the jewelry store where I normally shop. I think if I do decide to buy it, I'll buy from the place I almost always buy from. She usually offers me a little discount, but I don't know if she'll do that for a Rolex.
  3. Not sure of the exact price, but you could call Ben Bridges (CA) or Tourneau (CA, NY, or Las Vegas) since they are authorized dealers of Rolex to find out prices. If the store doesn't have a location in the state where you live, they will probably not charge you sales tax just shipping/insurance only - but verify with the store.
  4. Just so you know when asking about this watch, it's called the Lady Datejust;)
  5. opps lol
  6. I snuck a peek at an AD a couple of months ago, the stainless steel with white gold bezel and MOP face was $6,xxx. I'm not entirely sure though, they might have had a price increase since then ;)
  7. Is that MOP that much more expensive then other dials?? Is there an option of having a stainless bezel instead of 18k white gold? I thought the lady datwjust was closer to around $4900 for all stainless? I might be wrong...
  8. I always get this name mixed up!! LOL!
  9. The MOP is definitley a little more expensive. I don't know if Rolex has an option of all stainless bezel or not, but I did look at one that was stainless with white gold bezel and a non-MOP face and it was about $6,800.

    I vaguely remember that Rolex has a web page, but without prices. Maybe all the options are shown there? If not, a jewelry store would probably have a catalog that you could look through. There are so many options, I think, that I get the impression the store will order in something particular if they don't have it in stock.