Current pricing for Victoria FT

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  1. Anyone know what the Victoria FT is costing these days?
  2. Hello! I saw in Paris ~2 weeks ago that the FT was 2500 euros. Does that sound right? The George V store is very small and very stocked full, and there were a bunch of V-FTs lined in a row on a shelf...I am trying to dredge up the photographic memory and I'm almost positive it was 2500. The Victoria II tote was 2000 I think...

    Hope that helps somewhat ;)
  3. Yes it does - thank you. I managed to go to the Tyson's store and say a Victoria FT 35 for $4,050 I think.
  4. Oh, NO! I should have bought one when it was $3500 beginning of this year:Push::sweatdrop:!!!!!!!!
  5. victoria FT is the shoulder bag that is light?