Current Price List

  1. I apologize if this is posted somewhere else!

    Does anyone have a complete current price list for all the B-bags and accessories? I've tried looking around the internet, but can't find anything.

    Or, if you know the retail price of a few items, that's great too!

  2. First $995.00 (13"x2"x6")
    City $1195.00 (15"x3.5"x10")
    Twiggy $1095.00 (14"x6.5"x7")
    Day $995.00 (16"x5"x13")
    Work $1385.00 (18"x5"x13")
    Weekender $1495.00 (21"x9"x15")
    Box $995.00 (11"x5.5"x7")
    Shopping $1195.00 (15"x6.5"x12")
    Courier $1175.00 (22"x8"x15")
    Extra Courier $1250.00 (24"x9"x17")
    Part-Time $1295.00 (16"x6"x9")
    Afternoon $1245.00 (17"x6"x13")
    Mid-Afternoon $1195.00 (14"x5"x11")
    Bowling $1185.00 (12"x3"x13")
    Mini Bowling $1075.00 (12"x2.5"x11")

    That's all I have from BalNY's email.
  3. Thanks Sarah!

    Does anyone have the prices of the Giant Hardware bags?
  4. GIANT COLLECTION (all U.S. $)

    City: 1595
    Part Time: 1645
    Work: 1725
    Weekender 1995
    Brief: 1595
    Day: 1245
    Hobo: 1295
  5. Thanks for the price list on the Giant collection. Can anyone tell me the difference (in size) between the hobo and the day?