Current opinions on MJ Multipocket

  1. I'm in a dilemma whether to get the black Multipocket. I think it is an extremely practical bag, being very roomy, lightweight and comfortable and i love the fact that it has single straps which stays on the shoulders (i imagine so!)

    However, this bag has been around for quite a while and i'm worried it may be 'out-dated'. Although I'm not someone who goes for IT bags, if i am spending so much money on a bag, i would rather get something which is classic and will not look out-dated in the years to come.

    What are your opinions on the multipocket now? Is it a classic? Is there an alternative to this bag?
  2. I have the large MP and while I agree it is very roomy and practical, I don't think it is a lightweight bag. That being said, the weight of the bag doesn't stop me from using it and loving it! I just have to be a little more careful; I can't stuff it full and cart it around like some of my other bags. If I'm just carrying my usual stuff (cell, makeup bag, zip clutch, sunglasses, iPod, keys, etc), it's okay. But last week I also had my camera, a small bottle of water, plus my iPod and cell chargers and it was just too much to carry around - my shoulder hurt! hehe.

    Get if if you love it and don't worry about trends. Personally, I think it's one of his classic styles and is why he brings it back season after season. :smile:
  3. I don't see how the MP is a trendy bag. It's got a classic hobo shape and great functional pockets. Nothing trendy about it. It wouldnt make a difference to me about how I feel about my MP either way, but I get a zillion compliments every time I carry it. But light weight?? huh?!
  4. hmm... i assume it's lighter than the stam! isn't it?
  5. I think the MP is a classic style and not trendy at all! I have 2 and I get tons of compliments everywhere I go. I say definitely go for it!
  6. I have two as well, the MP is my favorite MJ bag - I get loads of complements on them, although I dont think it's a roomy bag - I carry essentials only in it - and it isn't light either. But, it's still my favorite!
  7. I think you'll definitely be able to use this bag for a long time. I've wanted one for yeas, and I felt that was a true testiment to the fact that it wouldn't really go out of style.... there are some bags you'll just use for a long time because they are classics.

    I have a small, I'd get a larger one if you want something roomy. I don't feel like I can fit much in it and now I'm yearning for a larger version of it.
  8. The MP is a classic! It won't ever go out of style IMO. He makes this style every season in different colors. I love using my MPs. Both sizes of the MP are lighter than the stam.
  9. The MP is a classic and your wont be dissapointed. My best friend has the black (has had it for years now) and its stunning.
  10. Oh I so agree with the other members..the mp is classic, and won't go out of style (IMO) it is so recognizable as an MJ bag...and he does bring it back every sseason in new YEs get it!!!
  11. me too... i was just looking at it the other day at Saks and thinking how beautiful it is. it's a really clean, classic bag.
  12. Hi
    I recently bought a MJ small multipocket at Nordstroms Rack. I like it alot although I find it a bit uncomfortable under my shoulder and quite heavy. I dont see it going out of style anytime soon although I think the one I got might be an older version since it has silver colored buckles. I think if you like it you should get it and not worry about it going out of style. If you arent too concerned about the colors you might be able to get a different color for cheaper at like Nordstroms Rack, Off Saks or Neiman Marcus Last Call.
  13. Love the MP and would like one in every color made!
    I'm a big purse gal, so the large is best for me. I like how it holds what I need, yet is structured enough to look professional for work environment.
  14. The MP is a very partical and roomy bag, all 4 pockets are very useful , you can stuff your mobile, lipgloss/lipsticks, keys or even some spare cash inside them.

    IMO, the shape of the bag (how it drops from the shoulder) is more casual than classy. I would say that this Marc Jacob's design is one of his classic bag in his collections. It looks great with a pair of jeans or working pants, but not so with dresses.

    This is one of the classic bag from Marc Jacobs' collections, and it is not heavy(less than 1kg)! I have a MbyMJ bag which weigh more than my large MP!

    I'd say go for it and get a large MP, you won't regret it! And, most probably, high chances are, you might get addicted in getting more!;):sweatdrop:
  15. does anyone know if the black MP (with black stitching) comes with silver hardware? I have only seen the gold ones around. Does the gold hardware tarnish? Thanks