Current $,$$$ of the Ligne Cambon Multipocket?

  1. Hi, fellow bag lovers. Anyone know how much the Chanel Ligne Cambon Multipocket/Reporter (from a Chanel boutique. I'm leery of eBay) is going for these days? I was thinkin' of gettin' one.

    Any and all responses will be appreciated!:smile:
  2. The big one is about $3100 I believe.
  3. $3,150 + tax.:yes:
  4. Saks has it for $3175 in Atlanta. I looked at it today, and am trying to "justify" it.
  5. It's $3175 here in Pittsburgh, as well.

    Bag lady, they may go on sale again around the December sales. Just a heads up!
  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH, GIRLS!!! I was hoping the price had gone down since the bag's a couple of years old.

    Thanx again! :smile:

  7. The bag will not likely go down even if it is a couple of years old, esp if it's in their permanent collection. If anything it has gone up. If it's on sale, its bc of a special color, discontinued color or a color that just came out for that season but the permanent colors usually don't go on sale. Your best bet could be to find a color that they've discontinued or a past season color.
  8. Wow Moviegirl, you know your stuff! Thank you!

    I'd be interested in the basic black Multipocket so I guess I'm outta luck. But, who knows. I just might hit the lotto someday... Hmmm... Or I'll just get it the old fashion way n' save up.

    Thanx again :smile:
  9. Yup..$3175 here also :smile:
    There have been a few authentic ones on ebay just have to keep an eye out because some sellers tend to inflate their prices.
  10. Hi there,
    If you decide to go the ebay route, please post on the authenicate this thread and the wonderful gals here, can definitely help you out!!
  11. I wanna thank you girls again.

    It's been some time and I'm STILL in Love with this bag. I thought I was over it, but noooooooooo. I still want one. So yes Rockerchick, I'll be checkin' out Ebay until I find a nice lightly loved one within my price range. I'll be sure to post the pix here before purchasing anything!

    Cheers ladies!
  12. Not long ago Personal shoppers had a black on black new one below the retail. I don't know if it sold so check her website.
  13. yes, kat, you should try to look on Ebay, I did that. I am sooooo in love iwth the reporter. But, I was so afraid of the authenticity of the bags on ebay. I posted my finds here in the authenticity thread, the ladies here are amazing!!!! They helped with a lot finds. And, finally i got one. Though i cannot receive it now, since i am not back to US yet. But, i did buy it , have it in my friend's home. You should really try that!!!!
    The one that personal shopper has a baby reporter, not the big size one.
    Hope you find your dream reporter soon!!!!!!
  14. Thank you Bingdan! I just can't get over this bag! I hope you n' your bag are 2gether soon! :tup:
  15. Good luck on finding your dream bag!

    Although the price is steep now, it will be steeper in the future. ...sigh...