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  1. Day 1 in Paris after the red-eye (which I actually managed to get some decent sleep on)....slightly lit (after a number of drinks), sore feet (but there is nothing like wandering the streets of the beautiful city!), exhausted (totally worth it)...and have the following to show for it (plus so many precious memories with my FH, who continues to amaze me)...

    (Will do a suitable reveal once I am done enjoying the trip...and who knows, maybe adding some more!)

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  2. Oh my! YOU GO GIRL!! What a fabulous start to your trip! You have set the bar high on day one ;)
  3. I am here :biggrin:
  4. Wow! Do add more! Ehehehehehehe... ;)

    Have fun! :biggrin:
  5. Woah!!! Let's see!!
  6. Can't wait to see!!!
  7. Just what I needed! A wonderful reveal! I can't wait!!!
  8. omg so fun!! can't wait to see your goodies!! :biggrin:
  9. Wow very impressive for day 1!
  10. Oh my what a haul!! Can't wait to see😍
  11. I hope you at least opened all those goodies even if you aren't showing us till later! I would never ever have the willpower to wait till my trip was done, or an hour:smile:, to play with my purchases. Can't wait to see.
  12. Open all your goodies so you can at least be sure they are in 100% perfect condition in case you need to exchange before you leave!!!!! I hope not, but sometimes in excitement and after a few drinks, it's easy to miss details....:P
  13. Just this one photo is lovely. The red wine highlighting the white boxes is stunning... and this is just the boxes!

    Have a wonderful trip! :cloud9:
  14. Thank you all for all your kind words! And yes, I will be inspecting everything before I return home...though I doubt I'll have time to post reveal photos before then. Of course I found a few "extra somethings" at 42 Rue Montaigne (which in my opinion has the best selection and service). Also, for anyone interested, all I had to do was ask kindly and they waived the "one bag per passport" rule.

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  15. And I had to open this one to use right fist Chanel sunglasses...

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