Current Matelasse VS New Matelasse? Any idea plsss??

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  1. I heard there will be a new Matelasse style come out in F/W2007. Anyone can give me some idea of how the new Mate looks like and what is the different compare to the current one?? Post pic pls (if any). :confused1::shrugs:

    Thanks in advance for all the info!!
  2. I'd love to know, too!
  3. One of the gals saw a smaller quilted bag at the trunk show. Maybe you can look through the tunk show threads, to see who saw it and what she thinks. I think she sai it looked like a small Matelasse, put they were calling it a quilted Purse. Or something like that. Sorry, I probably didn't help much!
  4. Per BalNY there are two small versions coming - a mini matelasse w/handles and a mini w/o handles (m/u clutch) - I am waitlisted for the mini w/handles. These are the only new versions I have heard about.
  5. I haven't heard that they are changing the style of the basic, regular sized handbags. Just that there will be the additions people have posted about above.
  6. More clearer picture now! Thanks for all the info :okay:
    As you say new coming Matelasse are smaller with and without handles and I'm a kind of a big bag lover, so I better wait list for the current matelasse (in FW07 colour) right?

    What do you think about Matelasse Grande? Is it too big for a 5'5" tall gal like me? Which colour to choose among sienna, violet, and lead grey? ...OMG, pls help, seems like I'm planning to spend on something next season again!!:biguns:
  7. Sienna:tup:
  8. Sienna would be fabulous, but violet/grape could be stunning, too. Maybe not as versatile, though.
  9. The larger Matelasse is HUGE! Seriously, it looks like luggage! I think the medium is just the right size. I currently have a black medium Matelasse and am listed for violet medium and black mini w/handles. I :heart: Matelasse, it is my favorite bbag style!
  10. I currently have a truffle medium matelasse and yes it's one of my favorites too! But I just have no idea how huge the grande will look... Anyone have the grande/large matelasse, post modeling pic plsss...:girlsigh: I can't find any pic in this PF. By the way, is Sienna a reddish brown and about the same colour as the famous "Whisky" of Chloe Edith? I borrow one of the photo found from the search in tPF to shown here, any idea pls?

    Well, I'm not good at photoshop... would be great if anyone can help imagining Sienna or Violet Matelasse through it... :nuts:

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  11. What do you think about Matelasse Grande? Is it too big for a 5'5" tall gal like me? Which colour to choose among sienna, violet, and lead grey? ...OMG, pls help, seems like I'm planning to spend on something next season again!!:biguns:[/quote]

    I'm wondering the same thing about size... Could someone with the Medium Matelasse post the measurements? And... what the large/grande measurements would be?
    I'm 5'9 and not "tiny"by any means.. so wondering which size would be best - I don't want to look like "giant with a mini bag"! HA!!
  12. the grande is almost like a carryall but very boxy and wide of course, the medium is not small by any means so it won't look like a "mini bag on u, JBug 59! Someone once posted a thread about the two sizes...someone who had ordered both from Bluefly had posted it I think!
  13. Sorry, this is slightly OT but maybe not but I just saw some matelasse bags IRL at NM a few days ago... the front zipper pocket is actually non-functional?? Have they always been like that? There were 5-6 matelasse bags on the table and I just about unzipped all of the front zipper pockets only to find they were all sewn shut.

    Any of you girls ever forget it doesn't open up and unzip it to try to put something in unsuccessfully? I know if I owned one, I'd probably do that all the time! :rolleyes:
  14. I did! I just found out when firstly received my Medium Truffle Matelasse. I carefully unzip every pocket and admire my bag which I do this everytime for all my new arrival bags. Then I was :wtf: about the unreal front pocket and ran to post at one of the Matelasse thread to ask for confirmation!! Yes, it's really just a decoration!
  15. Yep, it's HUGE. I'm 5'8" and it looked ridiculous on me.