Current indigo status?

  1. Is this color still being offered? Does anyone know? And if so, in what leathers (e.g. fjord, swift, etc). Thanks!:flowers:
  2. i just picked up a lil' something indigo in vache liagee today at the H store! ;)
  3. croc is also available (but keep in mind that it looks more blue with a tinge ofdark plum - think ink in nilo more very very dark denim in poro )
  4. It is being offered in box, which is gorgeous. Attached are pics of an Indigo box agenda PM in I purchased in Paris, just so that I could have the color with me as a reminder I want a Kelly in this color and leather. :heart: The pics are with flash, so the color is not quite as clear as it could be. The true color is somewhere between the two shades in these pictures. It's not as bright as the picture with the agenda closed nor as dark as the one with the agenda open.
    Indigo Box Agenda PM.JPG Indigo Box Agenda interior.JPG
  5. my store had a 32 sellier vache liagee in indigo...stunning, but i would also love one in box! :biggrin: but in a 28. i'm just debating when i should ask for the SO...
  6. I have a togo 37 bolide in Indigo. Truly, a yummy color.
  7. lisawhit, gorgeous Bolide! Great color. :smile:
  8. OMG PBC!! When and IF you decide to reveal your "little something" please, please, please do in your TDF closet!!!
  9. A couple of months ago, there was an indigo fjord 32 cm retourne kelly with silver hardware on display in the Wall Street store. I think on the inventory thread someone said it was black togo, but in fact it was indigo fjord. Very beautiful.
  10. Thankyou Kelly_Birkin! :rolleyes:

  11. oooh, I love VL, have a missed a reveal?
  12. Oh man, indigo :love:

    I asked recently at Wall St and was told they rarely see it anymore :push:
  13. lisawhit - Yummy bolide.

    PBC - where's a pic of you indigo VL?

    I saw an indigo box dalvy just the other day and it was quite something.