Current Handbag Selection

  1. Just wanted to give you ladies an updated thread on what is currently available at Nordstrom Mall of America.
    Arm Candy.jpg CB.JPG cloudy2.JPG Jumbo Peforated.jpg Lucky Charms.jpg
  2. More photos.
    Medallion Tote.jpg Medium Madison.jpg Python Spirit.JPG Retro 50's.jpg Rock and Chain.JPG
  3. More pictures.
    white patent.JPG Soft and Chain.JPG Soft and Chain Beige.JPG purse charm.jpg Pearl Lariat.jpg
  4. how much is the blk tote in the 2nd picture of your first post? and also the pearl necklace...tks!
  5. ooh..that second bag is HOT..what is it...???
  6. Just pm'd CHANELboy about it too! lol
    It's the black cloudy bundle bowler $2,295
    I have the beige tote (3rd pic) and the leather is tdf!! Very soft and smooshy!!
  7. That is the Cloudy Bundle bowler, it sells for $2295.
  8. The pearl necklace is $895.
  9. cloudly bowler has been around for quite some time, is it apart of the permanent collection or have they not just been selling too well?
  10. It has been around for awhile, it is the last piece left in our inventory for Nordstrom.
  11. cool thanks.

    can you please post pictures of maybe different kinds of wallets and necklaces? thanks so much.
  12. Thankyou so much for the pics. They are beautiful!
    The Timeless Classic white bag....does it come in any other colours, and the price? Thanks.
  13. ChanelBoy, I wanted to know what colours the Medallion Tote comes in? Thanx in advance x
  14. Are there any other colors in that cloudy bundle?
  15. How much is the dark blue perforated Classic Flap Bag? (picture #4)?