Current Good Quality Fair Price but Little Known Recommendation Thread

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  1. Following on from this thread:

    I'm not sure why we should be loyal to big name companies/brands that are not loyal to their customers by reducing quality and/or continuously raising prices.

    I'd like to start a list of small or growing companies that produce good quality for fair prices away from the big brand names that are basically too popular for their own (longterm) good.

    We may have bought, checked-out or just browsed and come across these bags and thought that we'd better not lose the page or forget their name. These can be competitors to premium or contemporary brand quality/prices.

    I'd like to include:

    Hunting Season = reasonably priced exotics and basic shapes (Colombia).

    Leather-lined and unusual but pleasing designs. Classic looking 'Kelly' bags. Megan M already a fan (not exactly a plus for me but I know lots of you like a little bit of a celeb endorsement). For the minimalists, little or no hardware

    Nita Suri = reasonably priced, interesting shapes (Spain).

    Modernist embellishments and minimalist design and some great colours. Rolled leather handles and someone please buy me a Philo bag. Suede lined.

    Cartujano = Top-quality and high-end prices but still good value IMO (Spain).

    I have bought a leather strap from them and it sits well with my H-bags. Leather linings, top quality variety of leathers great designs and top quality craftsmanship. Madrid and Berlin stores (London has just closed)

    Polene = minimalist shapes with a little bit of extra something (French, made in Spain)

    The price-points, choice of very wearable colours. Already becoming popular on tPF (where I first saw them talked about)

    Please add to this list, discuss or comment on those discussed.
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  2. Portland leather goods
    Fount leather in Cleveland I have bought bags from both of these companys. They have a more natural vibe but are both very well made. I bought the small tote from Portland leather goods and I showed it to my Mom when it arrived and she immediately said she would like one for Christmas , so I put it aside for her then and bought a small tote from Fount that I adore because I didn't want to wear the exact same bag as my Mom.
  3. Based on my experience with Polène, I've just ordered from another small French company, Léo & Violette. Their bags are made in Italy. The actual cost breakdown of each bag is shown on their site, and they're transparent about their profit. Like Polene, they choose to sell online or through a single storefront in Paris to keep costs down.

    The bag I ordered is Le Violette (
  4. Roots Canada.

    Decent quality, made in Canada and the option to customize the leather, color of leather and lining, stitching and an embroidered interior message.

    Downsides are that they charge a 20% customization fee and that linings are only available in fabric.

    Upside is that they regularly have custom leather events during which the custom fee is waived.
  5. Lotuff leather: made fairly in the USA of full grain vegetable tanned leather.

    Loup Noir: a coated canvas alternative that seems like wonderful quality but is not as overpriced as LV/Gucci. Liberty London also falls into this category.

    Eudon Choi: unique design, fair price.

    Clare V: classic shapes, made in the USA, good leather.
  6. @papertiger - Thanks for starting this thread!

    I am putting in a plea for photos and reviews / personal experiences with specific bags.

    Also, I’m excited to see some brands with unique designs as well as some structured bags. Many recommendations I’ve seen before have been for brands who primarily make unstructured bags which aren’t a fit for my personal style.
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    My vote would be for Trussardi.

    I purchased this mini Lovey (in red pebbled leather with red hw) in June of last year. I’ve have worn it over 20 times since and it looks almost brand new with only the faintest rubbing of the red hardware on the bottom feet. The leather looks absolutely perfect. No issues with cracking seams, worn corners, loss of structure, etc. In a word, it’s perfect!

    There are many other styles on the site. Enjoy!

    (my bag)
    (photo from google showing scale) C337972C-5662-4970-9FF6-B7B27991B244.jpeg
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  8. I’ve been stalking the Polene Numero Un. I’d love to hear any experiences / reviews. I’d especially love to hear about the hand feel and quality of he leather. TIA!
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    I posted my impressions on the Polène thread. I just received the Numéro Un in red.

    Red Polene Leather.jpg
  10. This bag is gorgeous!!!!

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  11. I love this thread! I think the only brand that comes to mind right now for me would be Delage, not to be confused with the shoe company of the same name. I believe they have a store in the UK and Paris.

    The bags they have are named after French celebrities back in the day (called "ambassadors"). They have a small selection of lambskin handbags (also lambskin lined!) and coated canvas bags. Free shipping, albeit be aware there may be custom charges.

    I bought their Lulu pochette and I have used it everyday for almost a year and a half. I absolutely love it and it's still in fabulous condition. Not to mention, customer service was excellent. :smile:
  12. I have plenty of Trussardi bags, accessories, even RTW and though I haven't bought there for a while I can also totally recommend including vintage.
  13. Thank you for this. I've never heard of them before but I'm already drooling over the Freda in Chevre Saphir with it's red lambskin lining.
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  14. Beautiful :heart:

    In time and when you get time please give us a review.
  15. Liking Choi's convertible Luba Mini in red/white/blue, looks like a fun-forever bag
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