Current favorite jean brands?

  1. I couldn't do the super skinny jeans and I don't think the super high waist looks flattering on anyone. I've been mostly wearing Habitual (slim cut but not skinny) & Imitation of Christ (higher waist w/o the umpa lumpa look). What brand/style have you been wearing lately?
  2. I'm in love with straight legs. Not too wide, not to skinny.. just perfect =). I just got a pair of Rock&Republics, but overally my James jeans are still my favorite (it's the perfect amount of flare and makes my ass look fantastic).
  3. I can't get over my love of True Religion. I wear their flares and their skinnies. I also bought a pair of J & Company jeans that are pretty nice.

    I had an awesome pair of Rock & Republic ones that fitted like a glove and a stud fell off so took them back to the store for repair and R&R wouldn't repair them OR return them to!!
  4. diesel! i have a pair of skinny and boot cut.
    i used to wear blue cult they are my comfy jeans.
    i used to wear rock & republic too but the fabric torn within 6 months.
  5. i have about 20 pairs of R&R so its my fave. but i love diesel & paige too :smile:
  6. I love R&R they fit so nicely
  7. 18th amendment!! colbert flares...:love: they do the high waists right!
  8. SFAMK and Paige are definetly my favorites
  9. I am highly addicted to Taverniti So right now -

    My tried and true faves are Paige, and True Religion. :smile:
  10. Diesel... my true love :love: lo0l :p
  11. j brand because of the heavier denim and the 14" is just the perfect leg for me.

    notify - so understatement. rogan - so not known here but really great denim.
  12. i am obsessed with anything true religion. today wearing black skinny jeans.
  13. I like the style of true religion jeans but they don't fit my body.My butt is too big for my waist :sad:
  14. I love TR and R&R. I used to love 7FAM, but not so much anymore.
  15. TR and R&R