Current Family and New addition...

  1. I went furniture shopping with my dad yesterday. Accidently, we stumbled into the Hermes store. Anyhow, I had some store credits and asked dad to pick me out a scarf. This is what he chose for me. I absolutely love it. It's called GUEPARDS with beautiful silvery grey background and vibrant pink cheetahs. The color palette is so modern yet the design so traditional. A great addition to my small H family.
    php3YxK2SPM.jpg phpZDyXIXPM.jpg phpzGNeFjPM.jpg
  2. Very, very pretty!
  3. Congrats!! I love Guepards! You're right, these colors do make the scarf seem so chic and contemporary! Your father has excellent taste!:tup:
  4. lovely family! daddy has great taste!
  5. Gorgeous family!!! Love the new scarf! :yahoo:
  6. Grande Latte,

    Love your H family and love how you accidently found yourself at the H store. Love your new addition... it's stunning.
  7. What a stunning collection! I love everything! Enjoy in good health!!!
  8. Gorgeous eye candy! You know I love your collection! Congrats on your new addition:yes:
  9. Gorgeous..scarf and lovely color!!
  10. What an amazing dad, with great taste:idea:

    Its so pretty!, and extra special because he choose it:heart:
  11. Lovely scarf! Nice addition to your family.
  12. GORGEUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The scarf is just Gorgeous, so much creativity but yet simple
    is there a pocket square version of it??
  13. gorgeous! enjoy.
  14. lovely fam you got there!
  15. Love the scarf.. Grand Latte, we're Kelly twins!