Current Edith Owners

  1. Okay, so I have three questions for all of you Edith ladies out there :smile::

    1) How many of you have returned your Ediths? And if so, why did you choose to return her? Do you have any regrets?

    2) I noticed that the leather on my Edith is actually getting softer, slumpier (in a good way) and have developed more scrumples! Yay. Has anyone else have this happen?

    3) How is the threading on your bag? Has it frayed? I notice one of the threads on my bag fraying a bit and while this adds character I don't want it to fray too much!

    Thanks for playing! :yes:
  2. 1. I bought 3, the chamois, the grey and the whiskey. I returned the chamois because she didn't go with my wardrobe and that is honestly the only reason. If I would have looked better in the tones of chamois, I would have definitely kept her.

    2. Yes. She only gets better with use, part of the distressing over the leather.

    3. My threading has not frayed, but someone I was talking to is having this problem and it did get worse.

    Hope this helps!
  3. Does fraying mean coming unstitched or just a little fuzz on top of the threads here and there?
  4. I didn't have to return her because I could choose in the store from 6 bags so I picked the one with the softest leather and less pebbled which I prefer. But I'm a new Edith owner since yesterday and I'm just staring at her while I'm working.
  5. 1. I have the Chamois Edith, which I will be keeping.
    2. Scrumpaliciousness is progressing wonderfully! I think mine might be changing colors a bit, as well. (I am not sure about this, and don't want to jinx it.) I think the key to scrumpaliciousness is not being too gentle with it.
    3. My threading has not frayed at all.
  6. At one time or another, I had 2 Whiskeys, a Chocolate and Chamois and chose to only keep one Whiskey. I love the bag, but for some reason, the other colors didn't "make" me want to keep them. They were all equally gorgeous in their own way though, so I think it was just a matter of practicality and wardrobe.

    My Whiskey is wearing fine - scrumpliness staying about the same. The only place I worry about fraying is on the back bottom corner that rubs against my leg constantly, but for now, I haven't actually had any fraying at all.

    One thing I find about Edith though is that she's almost as heavy and awkward to carry as my Stam. She doesn't look like she'd be that heavy, but the structured bottom makes her kind of weighty. Not enough to shake my love for her though. :heart:
  7. The leather on my large Chamois does seem to be getting more wrinkled and is holding its scrumples. The leather on my whiskey is tending to smooth itself out more. Not totally but it doesn't seem to be aging as well.
  8. 1. I bought 4, one medium chocolate,one large chocolate,one large chamoise,one large chocolate and one large whiskey. I kept large chamoise and large chocolate. The reason I returned the medium choco is the size issue, little bit too small for me. I returned the large whiskey cuz I like choco much better.

    2. The leather of both of my ediths seem to turn softer and my wrinklish. Especially the handles are not that stiff .

    3.Threads are all as before,not getting loose. ;)
    Overall,it is a great bag and you will fall in love with her when you carry her with you.
  9. Aw Daisy, I am sorry that your whiskey isn't aging well. Mine is much softer and scrumpled than when I first received her. Then again, the leather on mine was pebbly and a bit stiff.
  10. 1) How many of you have returned your Ediths? And if so, why did you choose to return her? Do you have any regrets?

    I bought one Whiskey Edith in the beginning of the season which I returned because I thought it was simply too heavy to carry on the crook of my arm, and that it was really a handheld bag. It just didn't suit me. But now, it is growing on me again. I just love the looks of the bag, I just wish the handles were a bit longer so I could wear it over my shoulder (dream bag right there). Looks like the Fall version of teh Edith might be just the fix I was looking for. So I am glad I waited.
  11. I have two Ediths - medium choco and medium chamois. Choco is with me at work today. The scrumples on the back have fallen out but the front is the same. The big change is that it is sitting less upright and a little more slouchy - just a little though!

    Chamois still has all her scrumples and looks as beautiful as the day I got her...

    I was lucky to find two perfect Ediths that I kept on the first try!
  12. chicbags did a roll-call a few weeks ago, although things may have changed quite a bit since then!

    1. As far as what came in the house (not orders cancelled by me or NM)... this is going to make me sound certifiable:
    2 med whiskeys - both returned (1 was Chucky, 1 was perfect but fell out of love after seeing chocolate). No regrets.
    2 med chocolates - returned one, debating other (could really use a JC Ramona!), might regret it
    1 med chamois - kept!
    1 lg chamois - loved! but returned - too impractical for price but will always regret I couldn't afford it! (if $$ were no object I would have kept ALL - except Chucky!)

    2. Medium chamois is soft and slumpy but the perma-wrinkles are gone, now just flops like a paddy! Choco is still upright/wrinkled but basically unused.

    3. I've noticed some fuzzing on the stitches esp on the back like Style101 mentions, but I wouldn't say fraying... Someone once suggested a wax to smooth down the threads?
  13. Someone once suggested a wax to smooth down the threads?

    I have some fuzzy on the handles. I bet you could use a leather conditioner on the stitches to smooth them in place.
  14. I have both a Whiskey Edith and a Chocolate Edith - they were both from NM and both first tried. I love them both. They are very scrumply and textured (which I preferred). My Whiskey (which has been carried) has broken in a bit, but it suits her.
    I have some fuzzy stitches - but no broken or fraying ones yet. Actually I was very concerned about the stitches breaking over the long haul of the life of the bag. If so - do you think Chloe would do a repair?
  15. I just got a Chocolate Edith and am keeping her! She is very pebbly and love that. She is just 2 days old, so too new to tell how she'll wear.