Current eBay bid: $50,000

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  1. I'd rather buy a bag/car/dinnerforhomelessperson.
  2. Its from a 0 feedback seller! I hope it is legit!
  3. LOL is that allowed?!
  4. 123 bids already!
  5. That is just highly highly odd!
  6. Shazaaaaaam! I wonder where the documents will end up?
  7. This is a 100% completely legitimate auction and all bidders must be approved before bidding. Not easy to become an approved bidder either.

    The money is going to the Marine Corps. From the auction:

    The entire proceeds of this auction.. the entire high bid... will be donated to The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation, a registered charity which provides financial assistance to the children of fallen Marines and federal law enforcement officers. Rush Limbaugh serves on the Board of this organization and has been active on its behalf. All costs of this auction will be paid by the seller... every dollar of your winning bid will go to this charity, which has to date distributed over $29 million.

    I think it's a great auction. Any auction for charity is.
  8. Rush Limbaugh is a slimeball who relishes negative attention like a pig enjoys rolling in slop. The senators who wasted their constituent's time reading and signing this ridiculous letter should not be re-elected. It was totally irresponsible for them to have gotten involved.
  9. Here's a small portion of what James Kallstrom from the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation said about Rush Limbaugh:

    "Rush, you've been our biggest donor by far. I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this man has given millions and millions of his own dollars to the foundation, plus he's asked the loyal listeners, and they've donated millions and millions of dollars. Rush, every time you talk about the foundation we get letters with ten dollar bills, with fifty cents, with a hundred-dollar bills, you know, from thousands and thousands of your listeners. "

    Here's the link for the rest of Mr. Kallstrom's remarks:

    Rush Limbaugh is a great American!

  10. Jesus Christ. I don't care if the money is going to charity, I would never pay that much for a few sheets of paper. That is weird!
  11. Dear God!
  12. That's a lot of money!!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.