Current color available for Simple Pump 85?

  1. what colors are available right now for simple pump? do they only come in 85 and 100?:love:

    thanks for your help :heart:
  2. Right now black, beige, camel and dark brown. Magenta is comming. I hope the nude is comming back but the SA at CL in NY did not seem to know. There is a pair or two on line somewhere but sizes are limited. I am sure they will have more, and that other TPF members may have more up to the minute info. But I hope that helps some. They do have a 70, too, not sure what colors are avail.
  3. thanks cjy. i saw a lady wearing electric blue that thought i might be able to score a pair.
  4. Electric blue is sold out on NAP on the US site. A 39.5 is available on the international site and I have put it in my basket to buy so many times, but I can't justify paying so much more for them when they cost so much less in the states.

    BTW, NAP put them on sale on the US site. They are now $402!!! :sad:
  5. I wish I would have gotten the electric blue! They are so pretty!
  6. My "SO" went to India for a couple of weeks to visit family and he is making a trip to Dubai. He asked me "who that designer was I like to wear a lot with the red soles?" I started chuckling and I told him. He asked me to spell it and then asked me what size I wear! I need to tell him find something electric blue. Then he will be like wtf is electric? LOL

    I found out all the stores that carry Louboutins in Dubai and I have a list, but I feel psycho emailing it to him, especially since he just flew out from the states last night. LMAO
  7. email it to him, EMAIL IT TO, j/k I hope you get something in electic blue! I would give up my Saks magentas for that color any day. Asha, by the way, did you buy the black or nude architeks from Saks?
  8. ^^^I did for like an hour and then I canceled my orders. I saw them as soon as they showed up on Saks (lol) and I purchased both pairs, but then I was not sure how I felt about the detailing on the back. I also don't really like that bright red as much as I like cherry red/burgandy.

    I figured I would wait to see the black IRL and decide then. I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks so I'm sure I will see them at Saks then.

    Did you get your pair yet?
  9. They get delivered on Sat, so we'll see. I'm anxious to see how the back of the black look, since it's not pictured. :nuts: