Current bag quota

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    That's my understanding too on non-quota bags. I have bought 2 C24, 1 Lindy,1 Picotin, 1 Evie, 1 KP so far this year. I am pretty sure my SA has another surprise for me in June when I go to the store to get my diamond bracelet.
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  2. That’s a good point. I’ve been doing just that for the last three months. How is it that it’s only May? :sad:
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  3. It has been painful. And I was on my way to Paris to "cheat" on my SA (with her permission). Now that rumor has it that the systems are linked, I won't want to risk my B with scales and sparkles over something else. I tried to get my Mom to help me and she already told me to take a hike.
  4. Is Kelly cut/Kelly Pochette considered quota? Are they harder to come by than Bs or Ks? Thanks so much!
  5. KC or KP in exotics are quota bags but regular leather ones are not. Yes, they are a lot harder to come by than regular leather B or K.
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  6. Thx meowlett! So even non-exotic ones are hard to come by and if offered I should probably take it!!??
  7. Yes, I will probably buy every single one that I am offered.
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  8. Wow. Thx for the guidance!
  9. This is a great thread, thank you all for sharing your experience.
    I know this is absolutely ridiculous, but I just brought home my 1st Birkin last week and cannot keep my mind off what the next one should be and when, oh when, I shall receive it. :smile:
  10. Not ridiculous. More like a natural progression. Congrats on your 1st B.
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    Imagine that some of us had been doing the thumb twiddling for months. At first, it was just thumb twiddling,. Then we think about cheating on our SAs in Canada, Paris etc. And sometimes, we get ourselves other non-quota bags as pacifiers to cope with the situation.

    Welcome to Team of Twiddling Thumbs!
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    thank you meowlett and gigllee, I can definitely feel it already. it seems to be highly contagious!
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  13. Oh yes...this orange slide is VERY slippery! ;) Congrats on your first B!!! SO happy for you!
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  14. If I received and accepted an offer in June does that mean that I will not be eligible to get another offer till December?
  15. No. Quota per semester Jan-Jun and July- Dec. you will be eligible in July.