Current bag quota

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  1. He is about 6 months now!
    Gosh he really looks identical to mine.
    Maybe I look like you and your husband looks like my husband!! Lol
  2. Lol! Aw... I miss that baby stage. They grow up so fast! Mine just turned 1 and already wants to be independent :sad:.
  3. Oh yes he is soo sweet at the moment.
    I wouldn't be this relaxed when he starts crawling around! :biggrin:
  4. Just got a chance to come here today. We have a small store here. I don't know what is a franchise store and what is the difference between a franchise and a big store. It all happened this year. I took a Kelly and a SO birkin a month later. Got offered other birkins shortly after but didn't like the colored so rejected. Just got offered another SO- decided to take it but don't know what I want yet ;) hope it helps!

    BTW- I do have luck with H. My birkin SO came in around 5 months or so?
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  5. Oh thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions!

    I think franchise stores can do whatever they want to do with their stock as they have less interference from the HQ so it is up to SM to decide, well on anything really.

    In your case, you seemed to be offered several bags but you actually purchased only two, didn't you? You were also offered to place a SO but haven't actually received and purchased the bag, have you?

    Also I think this new policy started around spring time this year... I could be wrong but maybe you got your Kelly earlier this year?

    In any case, congratulations on all your new bags!!

    I have to say my experience with H has been always a hit and miss. My SO always comes pretty quickly -the fastest one only took 4months! But I never have good luck in Paris... I would love to get offered a bag at FSH!! The first time I tried was over 20 years ago and it's never been successful till now! How unlucky could I be?!
  6. I did end up buying 2 K's, one earlier and one later this year, and 1 B, which is a so and it did come in and I paid for it. Got offered another 2 B which I rejected. Now I got anther so. Hope this clears up the confusion :smile:
  7. The official rule is 1 Birkin/Kelly each season. It should be the norm official rule; most Hermes stores around the world don't apply to this standard rule. Hence, there really isn't any standard official rule. You'd hear different stories all the time and it's another thing if the SA records your buys in the store. That's how some resellers can get away and some are not VIPs to begin with.
  8. Does anyone know which bags specifically count towards the 1 bag per semester quota? Just Bs and Ks cou towards that or would a Lindy, Egee or Medor clutch count towards those quotas as well? Thanks!
  9. Just the B and the K. Not even Constance counts as quota bag, let alone the other styles. That said I have heard that some stores have limit of 3 bags per year, altho that story is pretty inconsistent with what my experience has been (got 5 this year including a K and a B). Other TPFers - please chime in as needed!
  10. Two per year at my store. Special orders count towards the limit too. Only K and B count. Not kelly clutch, Constance, etc.
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  11. Really depends on store. My boutique in Canada says 1 B or K per household per year provided you spend the minimum amount on non leather goods in store. Other boutique in US says 1 bag per season per “account”...not sure if they mean per household. And they did not require a certain yearly spend, at least not the last time I purchased a birkin from them this year. Some boutiques are much more lenient, and it may also depend on their stock availability (and if you are VIP of course)
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  12. According to one SA in the US they have plans to update their system in the future to show other customer profiles in other countries. (Who knows how long this will take though).
  13. Sorry - clarifying my point above: 3 TOTAL bags, not 3 B/K per year. If you’re only looking for B/K, then it’s 2 per year or 1 per semester. Again, not sure if 3 total bag is a hard and fast rule cos I’ve (unfortunately or fortunately, depending on how you look at it :biggrin:) bought more than that so far this year.
  14. Okay
  15. I’m not sure about the 3 bag per year including B/K in the US. I am on bag # 5 this year which includes 1 B, 1 K, 2 Cs and a Picotin, and I am no VIP. Maybe, in a different country? What I am sad about is C being a part of quota. I think it’s more than just a rumor as it was confirmed by an SA at my home store (per a friend).