Current Aloha Rag stock in GH city or brief...

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  1. Does anyone know the current Aloha Rag stock for GH cities and briefs?
  2. Here's what I got from them on Fri:

    City $1195—Black, Plomb, Tabac, Vert Fonce, Mogano, Rouge, Rouille, Ivore, Vert Deau,

    Giant City $1595
    Fall/Winter Giant Silver Hardware —Black, Plomb, Bleu, Mogano, Tabac
    Spring/Summer Giant Gold Hardware —Black, Truffe, White, Anthracite, Argile

    We are still waiting to receive the regular hardware City in the Vert Foret, Violine, and Jaune D'or.

    As for the Giant City with giant silver hardware we are waiting to receive the Rouge, Violet, and Jaune D'or.

    AS for the brief, I'd love to know too, if anyone else has info!!
  3. Thank you for the info! :smile:
  4. I just sent in a fax as well...keeping my fingers crossed! I hope they have extra staff in today, they must be getting bombarded!
  5. Hi, I had emailed them over the weekend for cities and here's what I got back in case anyone is interested: Black, Tabac, Tert Fonce, Morgano, Rouge, Jaune D'Or, Vert Foret, Vert Deau. Also, they are expecting Violine to come in soon.
  6. I was notified yesterday that Violet RH City was in stock, so it looks like they got more bags in over the weekend.

    Best to check with them
  7. I want a black city and had emailed them for the price ($1195) as I had one on hold with annsfabulousfinds. There wasn't really much difference for the new one opposed to the used, I was surprised. The plus about anns though is can put on layaway.
  8. That's strange. I called yesterday, and was told they don't have the violet in yet. :wtf:
  9. Same here. :confused1::confused1:
  10. whats the email for aloha rag?
  11. What color is Jaune and Violine (Violet?)

  12. Jaune is a deep, warm yellow, violet is purple!
  13. Ah the penny has dropped... I must be getting a returned bag. I figured they had a new shipment.

    Sorry bout that
  14. what color is argile and truffe?