Currant, Dirty Martini or Port

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  1. I am going to get one of the MBMJ Little Ukitas and torn between which color to get. All the colors would work with my wardrobe but haven't seen the Port in person so not sure if too red. If anyone owns any of these colors what color do you have? Trying to decide what will be the most versatile.
  2. omg ditto, I've been going between these three colors too, except I would like the big ukita.

    and I'd like to add a question: I typically wear a lot of black/navy clothing so would the currant ukita add too much darkness to my already goth-like wardrobe?
  3. Port deff......DM may get color transfer Current is more on the purple side Port is a true deep burgundy color IMO I have a bag in the Port color
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    sasquaty & lb - I have the same wardrobe as you and I have the DM little Ukita. I've only started using it yesterday so I really hope it doesn't do too badly with color transfer as annie mentioned.

    I also have the large Ukita in Chocolate and waiting for Steel to come in the mail. I'm going to decide which to keep. The little Ukita is much smaller than the large. I wanted to use it as a weekend bag when I'm out and about with my 2 year old and the little is a bit too little. It's great for work though :tup:

    Port is a very deep, dark burgundy. I hate to sound gross but it's like the color of blood without the brightness if that makes sense.

    Currant is dark, dull purple. I would have bought this color instead if it had some brightness to it just to give my wardrobe a little color. As mentioned before, I wear a lot of black and gray so I didn't want my bag to get lost in my whole ensemble
  5. i say currant or port. i personally like Rosie for the Ukitas :P