Curly vs. Straight. Post pics of how your hair looks curly and when it's strightened

  1. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow and need ideas. I want something kind of edgy that'll look good when straightened, but also when I leave it curly. Looking for pics/ideas/inspiration... and COURAGE!!!! Thanks in advance!
  2. last year i used to have my hair cut super short in the back and it was to my collar bone in the front.
    as of right now, its longer on one side than the other. my left side is right above my chest and the right side is to my collar bone.
    i get really bored with my hair so im always experimenting with new ideas.
  3. I just got my hair cut recently to look like Jessica Biels on the Elle cover.
  4. I don't know about "edgy," but I have wavy hair that i love to wear straight and for me, the best cut that allows me to wear it both ways is long layers beginning at the chin and ending at the collarbone. I have it like that right now and am able to switch very easily between wavy and straight (well, aside from the PITA process of actually getting it to BE straight!)

  5. I had my hair cut and asked for tousled but came out with it kind of curled, they used GHD's and it looked really good and was far quicker than using tongs
  6. Ok, I just got mine cut and colored. But these are both the same cut just the curly one is after I colored it.

  7. That's too cute - and so flattering on you! Is your hair naturally curly? You pull off both hair colors so well, too.
  8. ^ Your hair looks great either way! Lucky!
  9. darn i don't have a picture of it straightened but I will give a picture of it curly for the time being... these pics were taken right after I got my hair cut! :rolleyes:
    haircut4.jpg haircut2.jpg
  10. stylized you look great! I just love the shape of your haircut too, it reminds me a bit of Victoria Beckham's haircut.

  11. I WISH that's what my hair looked like! I was actually quoting the poster aboe me - who DOES look great! I'll send your compliment her way! :yes:
  12. JAP4Life: You have gorgeous waves! My curls are tighter than yours, and for special evenings out I try to get big loopy curls like yours. Lucky girl!
  13. stylized and jap4life -- you girls are beautiful and have gorgeous hair!
  14. White Flowers, thank you! If only you saw me now, with a red chapped nose and watery eyes...OY VEY.

    stylized, I didn't even notice that I did that, so thank you for passing it along ha ha (and thank you for the compliment :shame:smile:

    Last but not least...arireyes, awesome hair! LOL
  15. stylized take pics of your hair!