Curly hair troubles.....

  1. Can anyone recommend a good product for curls?? I have curly hair that I struggle with, its really frizzy. I love my curls, but I have lots of tight little curls and I want more big, glamorous curls. I would like to reshape my curls. Does anyone know a good product for naturally curly hair people???
  2. I have naturally curly hair and Aussie products have worked just fine for me! They have one called Dual Personality Leave-In Conditioner+Anti-Frizz Cream which is awesome. Defines my curls without making them crunchy. If you prefer more hold, it also comes in a mousse.
  3. the green sunsilk works really well too for curls (I don't remember exactly what they call it, but sunsilk bottles are all diff colors, this one is a bright kelly green)
  4. Be curly by wonders for my hair when I leave it curly! They have a whole line..LOVE IT.
  5. I use Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo and Conditioner, then the Curl Creme afterward. It has worked great for me!
  6. I have completely straight hair, but my 12 year old daughter has curly hair just like yours and she swears by Frizz-ease by John Frieda - she has tried just about every range going (funded by her mother i.e. me!) and this is the one that makes her hair a pre-Raphelite dream!
  7. F Fekkai makes great stuff for curly hair. Also is made specifically for curly hair. HTH
  8. Yup, I also recommend the Be Curly line! My hair is naturally frizzy-curly, and this really helps. I rub in some of the Definer cream and blow-dry with a diffuser, and my curls come out soft and pretty.
  9. I have very curly fine hair and have been very happy with Zehran products. :yes:
  10. I used to use Paul Mitchell Foaming Pommade but it isn't readily available anymore. I use another Paul Mitchell product (hair glaze or something... ) but I'm going to try the Aveda stuff some people have mentioned. Good thread! :yes:
  11. I have curly hair and have tried MANY things. Bumble and Bumble styling cream layered over their leave in conditioner used to work for me, but then my hair texture changed slightly. Now, I use Devacurl lo-poo and conditioner. I comb the conditioner through in the shower. To style when I get out of the shower, first, I towel dry my hair. Next, I comb one pump of deva leave in conditioner through my hair. Next, I rake a palm full of their Angell through my hair. I then srunch my hair cupping from the bottom up. Following this I use a nickel size dollup of Frederic Fekkai Styling gel which I scrunch in my hair cupping from the bottom and scrunching up. I then diffuse my hair upside-down until it is mostly dry. This makes my hair AWESOME. Everyones curly hair is different so you will probably have to try lots of things. Check out They have a forum where people discuss products and their hair. I got ideas for trying things on there until I found the products that worked for me. Good luck!
  12. -I use pantene pro v curl shampoo & condition er & mask
    -Then I use Henna&Placenta treatment(Its great)
    -I comb through in the shower when the conditioner is in my hair( ALWAYS use a wide tooth comb)
    -To style I use Sunsilk curl defrizz(a good amount),also some random gel(sparingly
    -The end I use Fredric Fekkai curl balm,my curls.

    Here is a picture of my hair =D
  13. the best way to fight frizz is condition condition condition and cut back on the days you wash. i only wash with moisturizing low sulphate shampoo 2x a week. i use huge dollops of the thickest richest conditioner i can find (davines nounou lately) in my chin length hair and leave it in for ten minutes in the shower, even days when i don't wash my hair. i also deep treat 2x a week.

    to style i mix equal parts be curly styling cream with biolage gelee for a little more hold, and scrunch as i blowdry on low (i really need a diffuser....that works best) with my head flipped down facing the floor (like you're trying to touch your toes). i finish with a little bit more be curly styling cream and a teeny bit of pommade/styling wax to take down the volume a bit and define them more. (a picture of my hair is in my profile)

    i don't know if any of that will reshape your hair from small curls to big ones (the only way i know to do that is curling iron/hot rollers) but as others mentioned, is great!! the styling product/condish/scrunching combos that work best for your hair are a personal treasure hunt but they'll give you lots of ideas there.
  14. Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream for frizz and softness!!!!!

    I also don't shampoo too often (and just at the roots).

    Use lots of conditioner- I just use Pantene for curls, but salon products may be better.

    Hair gel- I use Matrix Biolage gelee. It's not too crunchy.

    I let my hair air dry and try not to touch it too much. When it's finally dry, I just touch it up a little bit with some more gel or cream.
  15. You look gorgeous! I love your hair. Thanks for the info! :idea: