Curly Hair TPFers


Live, Love, Laugh
Sep 22, 2007
Deep in the heart of TX~
How do you style your hair?

I've got curly hair .. and some days .. seriously, I just want to yank out each strand. It does what it wants, when it wants ...

What products do you use?


Jovi Junkie
Apr 20, 2007
Bon Jovi Blvd.
I have extremely tight spiral/corkscrew curls and use Fekkai Glossing Creme and Ojon Hair Tamer. The Hair Tamer works really well to define my curls and abolish frizz. I just scrunch it in and let it air dry.


Aug 25, 2007
I have really thick poofy semi-curly, semi-wavy hair. I used to straighten it every single day, but I just got so tired of frying my hair day in and day out. The other day I got it cut really short and so far it has made my life a million times easier- all I have to do is use some leave in conditioner and I'm good to go. I don't blow dry because that just makes it even poofier. I also sometimes scrunch Redken Spin Control through my hair after I have washed- it helps define the curls and keep them from frizzing too much.


Aug 3, 2006
I use Tigi Curls Rock when my hair is very wet. I put a pump in my hands, spread it around, add water to my hands and distribute through my hair. Then I flip my head and dry it with my hairdryer/diffuser combo.
Mar 12, 2008
East Coast
Even though my hair is curly, I still use a curling iron and straightening iron everyday. I use them to tame my curls and get the look I'm after. I also use Chaz Dean Shampoo inbetween washing with my regular shampoo's.


Mar 30, 2008
Sometimes I'll straighten it, maybe once or twice a week and keep it straight for 2 days. Other days I use a bit of Paul Mitchell heat protecting spray (forget what it's called) and then some Garnier mousse and put half of it up or all up with a head band. If I do that, I'll usually straighten just my bangs.


Oct 6, 2007
I have curly/wavy hair, and I rarely ever straighten it. It makes it look so dry when I straighten a few times a month, so I only do it once a month. Here's what I do...

I towel dry so my hair is about 80% damp. I use FrizzEase, gently brush, tousel, then Dove Mousee. After that I use Garnier Fructis hairspray, tousel a little more, and then I clip the front up to do my makeup, which makes my bangs a little straighter, cause they look so awful when they're super curly lol.

Or sometimes I'll shower at night and put in some FrizzEase and mousee, then I twist itty bitty sections and when i wake up in the morning it's a little more wavy rather than curly, but it takes a while to twist everything to my taste.

Good luck!! We feel your pain.


Feb 10, 2008
Philly PA
I have wavy/curly hair that is a nightmare of frizz when I just let it air dry on its own without attempting to tame the beast.

I straighten a lot and sometimes I'll set curlers overnight so I can have really pretty defined curls but for the most part I pin my hair up in a bun to just get it out of my way. I might get hot curlers or a curling iron so I don't have to set my hair when I want to wear it down and curly.

I love Redken though, I am going to look into spin control another poster mentioned.


Live, Love, Laugh
Sep 22, 2007
Deep in the heart of TX~
I just don't know what to do .. I usually wear my hair down but the last time I got it cut - she talked me into layers and I swear my hair is even more uncontrollable than before! She kept telling me it would be way easier but ... either I'm an idiot or she didn't know what she was talking about.

I don't like to straighten it. It just doesn't look like "me", KWIM? If I let it air dry - forget about it .. I look like I have huge Tina Turner hair with frizz. So I end up putting alot of hair products in it. Which feels like it's weighing it down.

I can't cut it short - because it will look like I have a mini afro .. and frankly, that's NOT a good look for me. I have a big enough head without my hair accenting it for the whole world to notice also.

I would LOVE to go into a salon .. and say "Just do something" and love it. But .. I go in .. they look at my hair - all explain about how hard Asian hair is to work with and with the curls ... they just want to straighten it.

I wish I had just a bit of curl .. but my hair .. it's a headful of CURLY hair .. very kinky curly in some spots, more relaxed in others .. it's just weird.
Nov 11, 2006
Washington, D.C.
I've tried a ton of hair products (and I mean a ton - the amount of $$ I've spent on hair products probably puts my bag and CL buying to shame) and I always end up going back to Ouidad. The gels and shampoos don't make a huge difference but the Deep Conditioner is the best thing I have ever used on my hair. It works better with heat and when you follow the directions but I don't always have time, so sometimes I just shower at night, plop it on my hair, put a shower cap on, and sleep with it in. I usually get some nice comments on my hair the day after I use it. I happened to use it the night before I went into labor with my first son, and didn't wah my hair for three days after that, and I look pretty good in all the pictures, LOL.

I buy the Ouidad in the 33.5 oz professional size at the website ( If you don't want to do that Biolage Conditioning Balm works well with the shower cap method and you can get it at almost any salon. I buy the tub.

I do the deep conditioning/sleep in it thing one every week or two, the other days I use Kenra Moisturizing Conditioner after I shampoo and let it sit a couple of minutes in the shower and rinse it out.

As long as I keep my hair really conditioned it looks pretty OK no matter what gel I use, but I happen to be using Ouidad Climate Control gel right now because I bought the 33.5 oz professional size on my last shipment.


Nov 28, 2007
i have nasty frizzy natural curls that are small on the bottom and big and poofy on top

i use chi oil or morocan oil out of the shower and then either blow out my hair or straighten it with an iron


Oct 8, 2006
I use Pureology real Curls when I wear it down and I have corkscrew curls and a little silicone spray/serum. As a nursing student I wear it up most days with a little net (eww)


Jun 1, 2008
I don't even have words to describe the curly/wavy/frizzy/unresponsive/crazy/poofy nature of my hair.

I use Paul Mitchell products only right now. (Including my straightening iron.)

When I straighten it, I will wear it straight for about 2-3 days, and then wash again. Usually I don't have to restraighten every day except for my bangs. If I don't straighten it, then I just take it up in the back and try to make it look like a calculated mess either as a messy bun or in a pony tail. (Bun is last resort.)
I've been trying out bangs since I have a square top half of my face, and I generally straighten them every morning.

Also I try to avoid using the blowdryer, I will only rarely use it, generally I will let my hair dry in a pony tail, and then straighten it, so it won't be as dry.

I've been lazy lately though, and have only straightened it twice in the last 4 weeks.

Sorry for the excessively long description, I just didn't know how to get it any shorter. :smile:


Jan 8, 2007
Nowhere out of ordinary.
Okkk, I have curly hair. I am totally in love with straight hair and I envy those who have it naturally.

But anyways, I tried lots of products that de-frizzed my curls, and the fact is that I just don't like my type of curls. I'd rather have wavy hair than curly hair. I know some people can acheive this look with a curling iron, but I can't...I suck at doing anything with a curling iron. I had a perfect wavy-ish look that my friend acheived when she did my hair, (I loved it)......but she straightened it AND then curled it with a curling iron, (both were like 550 degrees) and both at once just totally fryed my hair, I mean not fryed but it def. was not good for my hair.

Is there anything to make straightening your hair last? You know what I mean? Like if you straighten your hair, how can you make it last 3-4 days? Any product you guys use for that? Or any product to keep it looking non greasy or something?

But anyways, when I do wear my hair curly, I use the Frederic Fekkai Curl line. Sometimes it makes my curls look almost all the same type of curls, ringlets sort of, and my curls are not that way without the F&F Curl Line. I've tried drugstore products but they just don't compare.

But curly hair is a lot of work, and straight hair is a lot easier for me...with straight hair, you can just wake up and brush it and then leave. But ohhhh, the damage, KWIM?