Curly hair styles? Need help/ideas please.

  1. I have curly hair that is fairly long (about 3-4 inches below my shoulders). I'm looking for a new style, one that is edgier than my regular long, layered look I have now. I would like something that'd look good both straight and curly (I straighten my hair a few times a month). I know this sounds stupid, but I'm so jealous of the straight haired girls that can get those angled bobs a la Victoria Backham! < That'll never be my hair though, so I need to find a style that will work for me.

    Any pics of a great curly style? Any of you have great curly styles? Any suggestions of Web sites where I should look? Everyone straightens thier hair now, so looking in fashion magazines doesn't seem to help much!

  2. Check out I just went to that site a few days ago--it's has a bunch of great ideas for curly hair, reviews of shampoos/conditioners, hair styles, etc. There is also this new thing called Sedusa on their website for drying curly hair--I haven't seen any reviews of it yet and it's $60, I don't want to shell out the cash unless it actually works, lol! Good Luck!

  3. Thanks so much! Going to check that site out now....
  4. Hey!! I've curly hair and just got it cut from shoulder length to the Pob (Victoria B's angled bob)! You can easily wear this cut both curly and straight. I flat iron it for the angles to show, and if I'm in a rush or don't feel like frying my hair that day I'll put on some mousse or leave-in conditioner and either let it dry naturally, pin the sides or crown back, flat iron my bangs only and leave the rest curly, wear a headband, pretty bobby pins... the possibilities are many!

    You also get 2 very different looks out of this cut. I feel a lot more glam when I flat iron it, and very sweet and girly if I let it curl. I get a lot of "You look so much younger!" when it's curly.