curly hair help!

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  1. I have very long curly hair, but it's always a little boring. it's usually a little flat on the top, and sometimes it's just frizzy. I don't like blowdrying or straightening my hair but I need styling tips!!!
    tia :smile:
  2. have you tried curl cream?? Morrocan Oil curl cream worked pretty well for me, as well as Frederick Fekkai curl cream, but you can't use a lot at once or the hair gets greasy. Have you tried the gel and scrunching method? I never liked it, I'm not fond of gel (feel like it makes my hair hard and crunchy), but I know a lot of other curly girls use gel every single day and like it.

    Right now I have wavy hair and i'm loving it. (Just got the Keratin treatment one month ago.) My hair isn't super curly anymore like it used to be, its wavy, frizz-free, and really soft. Great if you want a small change, or are currently tired of your curls.

    When my hair was curly, my hairdresser and other people were always trying to force diffusers on me but I hated that. Just a tip, I think its better to let your hair air dry if you can. Blow drying with the diffuser always made my curls appear smaller and more stiff than they actually were, and I didn't like that.

    What i used to do when my hair was curly (it may help you out a bit since i was a former curly girl):
    * Wash hair with cold water.
    * Then, comb through hair with a wide tooth plastic comb.
    *Apply Morrocan Oil Curl Cream through my hair. (not scrunch, just apply.)
    *Let hair air dry.
    *I only washed it every other day.
    *Every night i would apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Overnight Cream on my hair.
    *Sleep with hair in pony tail.

    This method really worked wonders for my hair when it was super curly. It was really soft and pretty. The overnight cream really works, btw. :smile:
  3. I've done a lot of searches here and elsewhere to come up with ways to tame my curly hair. I've changed a few things in the last 6 months and my hair is SO much happier now. I actually like it MOST of the time now... and that's a BIG change for me!

    Maybe these ideas/products might be helpful for you too?

    * I started with a great haircut from a professional that specializes in curly hair
    * I switched to John Masters Organics (zinc&sage shampoo, lavender/avocado condish)
    note: the shampoo doesn't suds up like non-organic, but I found that if you use a little to wash first, the use more to wash a second time, it then suds like normal.
    * I use pure Argan oil (not Morrocan oil: I currently use Josie Maran)
    * I love any Kevin Murphy styling product (everything I've tried is fabulous, I use it exclusively now. I have to order it online because I haven't found it in any local salons)
    * I purchased a Jonathan Water Filter and installed it on my shower head to filter out the yucky stuff in my water.
    * I apply my styling products when my hair is still quite wet, just past dripping wet
    * I try to let it air dry almost completely with smallish metal hair clips in the crown to add volume.

    Still, my hair isn't quite like the curly haired models in the photos on all the hair styling websites. But it's now soft, shiny, never crunchy and on most days it has volume with defined curls. Good enough for me!

    Good luck with it! :smile:
  4. ^Good tips, girls! I'll add a couple more :smile:

    *I agree, alwaysss let it air dry
    *Mousse gives me defined, but not crunchy curls (I don't like gel): right now I use Tresemme mousse
    *Sleep with your head on a silk pillow case so your curls don't get all tangled up at night
    *I use Frizz Ease Volume Reducer right now (it doesn't reduce my volume lol, but it makes my hair look smooth..I can definitely tell the difference if I forget to use it)
    *I also apply my products (leave in conditioner, mousse, then frizz ease) when my hair is pretty wet and I scrunch it as it dries if I want more defined curls

    Hope that helps..good luck! :smile:
  5. check out the forums at! :biggrin:
  6. I have long curly hair and no matter what products i use my hair cut makes the most difference , my stylist cuts lots of layers on the top of my head to give the top layers lots of bounce and movement and my curls are really well defined too , the bottom layers are kept long
    i also always use mousse made for curly of wavy hair ,it gives the curls shine and definition
    I should also mention I have a ton of fine hair , I don't have the issue of my hair getting too big, it normally falls flat
  7. try bumble & bumble curl conscious calming creme for coarse curls

    This is a miracle product for my thick and wavy hair; this is the only product that defines my curls, eliminates frizz, doesn't feel crunchy, and leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny.

    I apply the creme to my very wet hair, scrunch the curls, and let air dry. Once my hair dries, I flip my hair and the curls loosen and look amazing.
  8. I'm a curly girl too! I use hairspray. My hair is a lot shorter now, but I use the hairspray to make it less flat. I also don't brush my hair, and I let it dry by a fan. :smile:
  9. After years of battling my curls with flat irons and such, I decided to just let it be. I have a lot of hair but it's very thin and dry. This is what I've been using as of late:

    - Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm. I bought these during a special at our local JCPenney's where they sold both for $30dlls which is a good deal since they're huge bottles (a liter, I think). The balm comes in a big pot, too. My hair had some trouble adapting to the shampoo the first week but after it did it's become tremendously soft and the curls are a lot more defined.

    - PertPlus hair cream with olive oil. I'm not sure if they sell this in the US but it's the best hair cream I've tried (and I've tried many). Leaves hair soft and my curls are all bouncy and cute for a fraction of the Fekkai price (which never really worked for me).

    - Aussie Double Personality mousse. The one that comes in the short, stocky bottle. This is as good as the cream I mentioned above but I prefer this one when it's humid out.

    Like previous posters mentioned, you always want to leave curly hair to air dry. If you hair is anything like mine, even a diffuser will make it bushy/frizzy. Also, I leave my head towel on while I dress, brush my teeth, apply makeup, etc. so it soaks up as much water as possible and then put on my hair products. I find it works better for me this way.

    I sometimes flat-iron my bangs to change my look a little, but honestly, I've found I love having a head full of curls and being all lion-like. A controlled mess!
  10. I have been using ouidad products for 4 years and love my curly hair. The best product during summer is the heat and humidity gel. Its not like other gels. No crunch. I LOVE their products. Check out
  11. I am having major hair issues right now and don't know what to do.

    I have super fine, super curly hair. I think I first need to find a new stylist as this cut is just not cutting it - it just hangs here all unshapely.

    My hair has been thinning and breaking a lot lately and I don't know why. I am changing to organic/natural shampoo and conditioner and am waiting for my order to arrive. I have been using Moroccan Oil Curl Cream as well as AG re-coil but I don't find either one is helping much with the fizz any more.

    I don't know what's going on with my hair lately but it's in horrible shape and I'm really hating it.
  12. I agree with the poster who suggested going to You'll get lots of ideas there.
    I like mousse but I also use other styling products. Lately I've been mixing Paul Mitchell super sculpt (a liquid gel) with MOP C-curly curling cream.

    I prefer to use a diffuser. I have very thick hair and letting it air dry takes hours. Diffusing actually gives me better definition.
    I also agree haircut is very important. If you don't have a hairdresser you love, look for other curly haired ladies who have a good haircut and ask them who cuts their hair. Naturlly curly website also has hairdresser suggestions by city.