Curling your hair with a curler HELP!!

  1. I have a big problem....whenever I try to curl my hair with a regualar curling iron the bottom of my hair comes out all wrong because of the clamp (know what i'm talking about? When I clamp my hair you can see the huge crease...) anyways, any helpful hints on how to curl my hair evenly without my curls coming out all crappy? Thanks!!
  2. try to bring the barrel all the way to the ends then roll up the iron. Or it sounds like you may be using the iron backwards.
  3. also - if you are getting bad creasing - follow what teesa said about the clamp and turn down the heat on the curling iron. The iron does not have to be super hot to do the job - most women burn their hair without every just trying the lower heat settings ;)
  4. ITA. I have wavy hair which gets frizzy esp. on the ends so turning the ends under with a large barrel curling iron rather than using my old method of a flat iron makes a world of difference!
  5. Try using the biggest barrel you can find. I curl my ends under every day.

    You can also continuously move the barrel arond from the mid section to the ends.

    Good luck!