Curling Iron Wand...Worth it?

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  1. How much at Costco? I need a new wand.
  2. It was on sale for 80 I don't remember how long the sale is for. It was online though not on store. It also came with two hair brushes (boar/nylon mix), 4 long hair clips (the good ones that bend in the middle), and a mat to rest it on in addition to a full glove. The crazy ghd curve glove was only for the first 3 fingers and your thumb wtf?!
  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I might look to see if I can find the receipt and return it to sephora. I felt like I was doing something wrong. My hair has never looked dented before it was so bad I had to put my hair in a bun the next day it was too messy looking for a ponytail it was that bad.

    Now that I'm home here's the link to the one I got. I might give it a whirl tomorrow if my shoulder isn't bothering me too much.
  4. I am using Bed Head. This Curling Iron This just might best curling wand I own. What surprises me is that it makes natural like curls. Natural curly hair isn't perfect and uniform and this gives that spiral natural yet beachy curly girl look. Heats up fast and is easy wind your hair around. I hold my medium textured long hair on the wand for a total count of 7 and release.
  5. I usually use this curling iron unless the time is limited. I mostly use the overnight hair curlers.
    here is how I get the heatless curls with rods.
    Step 1. Gently wet my hair.
    Step 2. Roll and crunch.
    Step 3. Leave it to dry overnight.