Curling Iron Wand...Worth it?

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  1. I got the 1 inch.
  2. I prefer to use a curling iron as a wand - I have both but I don't like bow the barrel on the wand is conical. makes it harder to use IMHO.
  3. This is the greatest hair tool - still loving mine and can't live without it. Brilliant!!
  4. I'm half tempted to get a curling wand. I'm half considering the ghd curved one which is oval shaped. Has anyone here used this one a oval shaped one by another brand? I'm looking to make my hair more wavy vs curly.
  5. ^ive never used the oval one... I just ordered the GHD oval wand from NAP yest. I, too, want the wavy /tousled hair vs curly. Hope this tool works for me.
  6. I love my T3 trio that includes 2 straight barrels and tapered wand. I am wearing it second day today and it still looks good.
  7. I love my Sultra wand!! I have the one inch and I can get curls and beautiful waves too
  8. I'm getting the GHD one as well, CANNOT wait!!
  9. This is the one I have as well. A normal curling iron and even a Marcel will not curl and hold to save my life. I love this wand, BUT I wish they made a bigger barrel one. My hair is too long for it now and gives me Shirley Temple curls that won't lose their spiral :wacko:
  10. I have a couple Sultra wands that I got at Marshalls on sale for about $40 each and they are amazing. I use them several times a week and they are soooo good.
  11. Anyone own nume wands? I keep seeing sales but shipping ends up being $13-$15 and I'm not sure if they're worth it.
  12. So I got the GHD curve wand and my hair looks good the day I curl it but the next day it falls and my hair looks dented and icky. The only product I used was a heat protectant product by kerastase. Anyone else have that problem with the ghd curve? Should I try another product? I also ended up buying the sultra curling wand because it was on sale at I just haven't gotten around to trying it out yet.
  13. Haven't fallen in love with mine either :sad:
    I've used it several times, I'll give it a few more tries.

  14. They're the best. Try to get them at Marshalls or TjMaxx.

  15. I see only straightening irons at mine haha. Ill keep my eyes out though.