Curling Iron Wand...Worth it?

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  1. I prefer my traditional clamp iron. It definitely lasts longer up to three days and never had a crease problem anyways than the iron wand (borrowed it from a friend). I only use mousse no hairspray to keep the curls and I have very thick hair that's almost pin straight.
  2. I've used curling wands before and liked them, however, using one does take some getting used to. My hair is naturally curly, but I like to use a wand if I want extra definition when I decide to not straighten it. Emily Maynard used the Sultra Bombshell on her hair and swears it's the best wand there is so I'm thinking of trying that brand out next.
  3. Bumping this to say that I finally jumped on the wand wagon. LOVE IT!! Super easy to twirl and go. I can get curls or waves with the Remington Pearl. I have shoulder length fine hair and it takes me less than ten minutes to curl my whole head.

    Bonus - I can do my hair the night before and the curls are still nearly perfect the next morning. I love curly hair and now it's within my reach. SIMPLY PERFECT!
  4. I love my wand! It definitely curls faster and my curls last much longer -- pretty much until I wash them out. Takes a bit of getting used to because its easy to burn yourself (and they can be really bad burns). Wouldn't give up my wand for anything though!
  5. I use a wand for bouncy waves but when I'm in a hurry, I use my traditional curling iron. ll
  6. I love the way the wand curls look, but it's time consuming. So, I only use the wand on special occasions
  7. I like the wand much better than my traditional curling iron. Easier for me to use.

  8. The wand is harder for me to use but I like it
  9. I have two wands, different sizes and I love them both. A traditional curling iron does not hold a curl in my hair the way the wand performs (I have very fine hair). TIPS: For someone who is just starting out, please use the glove that comes with the wand as they can have temperatures that reach 450 degrees and can burn you in a second! Due to the high temperatures of the wands, I highly recommend purchasing a product that protects your hair from the extreme heat to prevent damage.
  10. I have an expensive wand (IMO...$130) from trade secret and it works well on my straight Asian hair. It's shoulder length and harder to do the bottom layer but the results are really natural compared to the clamp one. I still use clamp one for when I want to curl and then do an updo. I used the wand for when I leave them down.
  11. The curling wand is the only thing that can curl my hair and have my hair hold the curls. My hair is thick and a bit on the coarse side, but naturally straight, past shoulder length and healthy. Traditional clip curling irons take too long and/or my hair won't hold the curl.

    Mine is from Nume, was quite inexpensive ($100 for a set of 4 different barrels) and works well. Heats to 200C and I can curl my hair in 8-10 sections. Makes my hair shine like crazy. Even after sleeping, my hair looks great and the curls are still there until I wash.
  12. I've had my T3 wand for two years now and I love it. My hair is thick and naturally straight. Curls would not hold with a traditional curling iron, but with the wand, my curls last for a couple of days. While I like the tapered end of this wand, I wonder what the difference is between that and a non-tapered wand.
  13. Just ordered the Sultra Bombshell... can't wait for it to come in later today!
  14. Just an update... I've been using my Sultra Bombshell for a few days and I am in LOOOVE! Once you get the hang of it this wand will change everything about your hair! I've gotten so many compliments and my curls stay in place all day (compared to before I would be lucky if I got a few hours!)

    It's a pretty steep investment but for me, totally worth it!

  15. What barrel size did you get?