Curling Iron Wand...Worth it?

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  1. I've been seeing a lot of these new curling irons that you just wrap your hair around and there is no clip....whats the advantage of this versus a traditional curling iron? Is it worth it to buy one?

  2. I have one but only because i didn't have a curling iron at all. I think the main difference, aside from the way you use it, is just that it won't "crease" where the clip normally is. I love using mine, but if I already had a regular curling iron I probably wouldn't get a curling wand!
  3. yeah right now i don't ever have a I'm thinking its not really worth it?
  4. Nope! You can literally just remove the clamp from yours if you want to try it ;)
  5. I love mine! I think it's easier to use then a clip. Especially since my hair is shoulder length. I also think it's gentler on the hair.

    But I guess it all boils down to personal preference.
  6. I use my curling iron like a wand. I used to lift the clip up and hold it up as I wrapped the hair around the barrel, but now I just wrap it around the clip. I don't notice any bumps or anything doing it this way, so it works for me :smile:
  7. i have the Sultra one, (they sell it on sephora's website) and even though it's really pricey, I love it. It's probably the best curling iron I've ever used. There's no creases because there isn't a clamp. It also curls super fast. With my old Conair one, I had to release the curl after a minute or two to get a long lasting full, curl. This one makes perfect curls in only like 20 seconds. The only thing is that it is much easier to get burned with a curling wand than a regular curling iron. Like, the first few times I used my Sultra, I did get burned. But it's totally worth it, in my opinion.
  8. I do think that the clampless curling iron is worth it - whether that means removing the clamp on a traditional curling iron or if that means purchasing a clampless. My hair is notoriously difficult to curl. I've tried hot rollers and various traditional curling irons. I purchased a ceramic clampless on Gilt one day and the results were simply amazing. My hair was actually too curly and the curl lasted literally all day long. I was told that if I want the curls to be looser, I would need to wrap larger chunks of hair around the barrel. I'm still practicing, but I am thoroughly impressed. Another trick with the clampless, is that you hold it upside down (with the handle in the air and the barrel pointing straight down to the floor) and then wrap the hair around it. You just grab sections of hair, wrap it around the upside down barrel, and then slide the curling iron out from the top. At that point, you just let the curl sit and cool (it hangs as a perfect ringlet). The whole process goes pretty quick and I have long hair (it is at least half way down my back). I think that if you have a good CERAMIC traditional curling iron, go ahead and try to remove the barrel. If you don't have a ceramic, then I would suggest investing in one and you may want to consider the clampless version.
  9. Yeah I wouldn't get it if I were you - unless your current one broke or something! haha
  10. I got one from Remington and I love it, curls never hold in my long straight hair but with the pearl (curling) wand they last almost 2 days.
  11. Ive had all different types and styles of irons and so far my wand makes the best and longest lasting curl. I get many compliments, so I say worth it!!
  12. I've had one for about 3 yrs and I won't use the old style anymore. My hair is baby fine and stick straight and does not like to be curled, the ceramic clamp free iron is the only thing that works, I don't even need to use gel or hairspray
  13. I been looking for a circling wand or anything that makes my hair wavy. Lately my hair has grown and its really lacking volume so im hoping by making it wavy it will get rid of this problem.
  14. How on earth do you get your hair to stay in it without a clamp? I use a Babyliss gas curler which I am devoted to, its the only one that curls my hair well enough for it to hold, plus of course I can walk around while Im doing it..
  15. you hold the ends the whole time. Seriously, just take the clamp off your favorite iron, no need to buy a new one unless your current one isn't ceramic.