Curling iron vs. hot rollers?

  1. Ok Ladies...facing a dilemma! Which of the above do you prefer...I bought babyliss curling iron, spent $100.00 and was totally disappointed. Didn't really curl my hair at all. Used my very old, stored in a closet, hot roller set today to compare and was slightly impressed but not blown away by the results. I have quite long hair and want the wavy, voluminous look. Maybe smaller velcro curlers?

    Please state whether you prefer curling iron or hot rollers and which brands you use...price...pros and cons....AND last but not least, which hair products you use. I've heard FHI heat hot sauce is the best but what are your opinions???

    Thanks ladies.
  2. I'm a fan of the "Taylor Swift Curl" for myself, so I use a cheap Vidal Sassoon curling iron almost every day. I prefer it over my hot rollers because I can control the way I curl. The way I use the iron, I give myself an "s curl". Much better than any hot roller would do, since they usually give me Shirley Temple curls or spirals, which I don't want.
  3. i prefer curling irons too. I use a conair one, and it works fine for me. At prom, the hairdresser did my hair with hot rollers, and I hated it, I wanted wavy curls, like Vanessa Hudgens usually has, but it just looked puffy:tdown:
    maybe it works better for different hair lengths or something, since my hair was only only down past my shoulders a few inches.
  4. I've had a BaByliss curling iron, hair dryer, and flat iron.

    When it comes to curling irons, I prefer my cheapie big barrel Revlon (from Walmart or some such)---I've repurchased the same Revlon style one 3x. I mean, it's only $20 & it works so much better than the more expensive ones.

    I chunked my BaByliss hair dryer for a T3.

    I've enjoyed my small BaByliss flat iron, but I am planning on upgrading to a GHD soon. :shame:

    So, I will say I prefer curling iron to hot rollers.
  5. I prefer my bedhead cheapie curling iron.
    It does wonders for my hair!
    hot rollers make my hair look too poofy and short (its past my shoulders)
  6. I am obsessed with my hot rollers. I find that curling irons leave my hair flat within a couple of hours. With hot rollers my curls last all day.

    I use "Infiniti" by Conair.

    I go for the Blake Lively look.
  7. I recently dyed my hair a dark brunette color, so I wanted to make it look more full or curly-ish lol,still not sure what to get...anymore thought on curling iron or hot rollers?
  8. I use hot rollers every day. My hair is just past my shoulders, and I get waves and fullness. I like a full look to my hair.
  9. i use a conair curling iron when i just want to turn the ends under - i wear a chin length bob. but for lift and fullness and a more sophisticated look i use conair jumbo hot rollers.
  10. The secret to my long, thick hair looking good- not poofy- with hot rollers is to only roll them up to my ears! Otherwise, the whole thing just looks way too poofy. If I have more time, I take my curling iron to a few individual sections after to define them a bit more.
  11. I have a cheap Conair 3/4 inch curling iron. It works very well for me. Taking big-ish sections, I start at the root and twist it into my head, pull out a little bit and twist more. when im done i just finger thru it. It curls a lot better when its dirty too, like if i washed it the night before, so i dont use any product except a little hairspray at the end. but my hair is pretty thick so maybe thats just why it seems volumous! :p Hope this helps!
  12. I prefer hot rollers. You need to get the ones that have heated ceramic clamps instead of the metal prongs to hold your hair. They will last longer. Also, the size of the hot rollers matter a lot for the the look you want to achieve.
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    Hot rollers! Curling iron doesn't do anything for my hair! I also have to use Big Sexy Hair shampoo and conditioner.
  14. I'm a hot rollers girl, too!
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    I curl my hair with a 1.5" curler in sections, then immediately pin it up until it's cooled. Hairspray and then brush out until it's not so curly-sue. if you hair doesn't curl easily you can use a lil mousse or hairspray before curling each section. Any old curling iron will do. I think it has more to do with how hot the iron is than the brand. But then again I've heard that ceramic ones are the best out there for your hair. I just use a cheap gold plated one.. probably really damaging.

    Example: I posted a pic