Curling iron recommendation?

  1. I know, I know... curling irons fry my hair... however, my stick straight hair just needs a little curl around the face, so it's not all bad. :p

    Anyway. I demolished my curling iron by dropping it onto the floor one too many times and now need to replace it. I know that the Purse Forum ladies will recommend only the best products, so I now humbly turn to you for assistance -- can anyone suggest a brand/style/type of curling iron that I should get?

    Thanks so much for the advice! :smile:
  2. I use a Ginalli curling iron which is just a black bar that heats up (doesnt have the clamp just wrap your hair around it) and it is THE BEST and only curling iron that has worked on my hair (and i straighten my hair everyday)..
  3. i like the farouk chi ceramic curling iron.
  4. I invested in a ceramic straightening iron and I find it curls really well too!