Curling iron burn!

  1. Unfortunately, I burned my arm with a curling iron yesterday. I don't think it's very bad because it only hurt for a few hours. Today my arm feels fine although there is a nasty dark spot now. I read online that this means it is slowly healing. The spot is smaller than a dime, not a big deal, but the skin on my inner arm is very fair and thin and this is quite noticeable right now. Is there anything I can put on it to let it heal faster? I am putting Neosporin, Vitamin E cream and Palmer's cocoa butter on it. At first I freaked out when I saw the dark spot but I'm fairly certain it's going to heal relatively fast since it doesn't even hurt now. No blisters or anything, just the dark spot.

    Please help ladies. Thank you in advance!
  2. sounds like you're doing everything right. i always just use plain vitamin e oil on mine. i am the queen of curling iron burns and i've only had one that was touching my skin for about 15 seconds before i could move it and ended up being a pretty nasty 2nd degree burn. i was packing things to go home for the weekend, didn't realize my iron was still hot and got it caught between some clothes, my arm and the door. it turned into a huge painful blister and was sore for took weeks to get to the brown scabby phase. that was six years ago and i can only see it if i look really hard for it. (i'm very pale and thin skinned as well.)

    i'm sure yours will be fine especially if it's already scabbing over. i get those kind on my forehead once in a while and i have no scars. (see, i told you. the queen. :queen:)
  3. I can't thank you enough for this info. Thanks!! :p I can't feel the brown thing, it is just brown colored. Is this the same thing as the scab then? Thanks again!
  4. Actually, you're not supposed to put oil (or anything oily) on burns as it makes them worse! Save the Vitamin E etc until the scab has fallen off and it's starting to scar. Just run it under cold water if it gets painful and let it heal by itself.

    I've burned my ear on a curling iron before - the shock made me jump so far I banged my head against the wall LOL.
  5. yup. if it's already just brown colored and your skin texture doesn't feel any different, the brown should be gone tomorrow or the next day. it will be red/pink for a few days after then should disappear completely. if your skin texture is more rough in that area or if it's red and brown, it will take a few more days than that to heal. the more rough or more red, the longer it will take. hope that helps!

    edit: oh yeah....i wona is right. i only put the oil on it after it has scabbed/turned brown. that's important!
  6. So it's fine for me to put the vitamin e on now? There is not texture difference. Just the color.
  7. I keep a bottle of Aloe Vera gel in the fridge for times like this. It stops the burn, helps heal it faster and there's no oily residue.

    I_Wona is correct, nothing oily on a burn EVER. Especially right after you burn yourself... it keeps the heat in and you'll scar much worse. Aloe Vera in any form (even just snipping off a leaf and apply it raw) is the best thing since sliced bread. Like I said, it comes in gel form. I used to use it on my Uncles head after his rasiation treatment, it was the only thing that cooled his head down.
  8. It's still brown today, no changes yet. I am still applying Vitamin E cream and cocoa butter. Should I try some Neosporin too?
  9. Oooh, yes, Speedy is right - aloe vera is the best for burns.

    Does it still feel hot? If it's not painful anymore and is starting to peel, then just keep up the Vitamin E and cocoa butter. Just pick one or the other, I think it's overkill to use both.

    Just another tip - if it's still hot and a bit stingy, stop the Vit E and cocoa butter. These are too rich and full of oil. Aloe Vera's the way to go - you can pick it up in the beauty aisle of the supermarket. You need a moisture-based gel to soothe the burn before you nourish the skin as it's growing back.

    As it's only been a few days, I'd say the wound's not ready to be coping with oily substances yet. It's hard to tell without seeing it!
  10. Well it stopped hurting the next day, and that was on Saturday. Today it's feeling fine. The brown skin is just a little wrinkly right now, I think it's starting to shed off soon. I put a bandaid on it so nothing tugs at the skin because that hurts, but other than that I'm okay now. It's just a matter of time before the brown skin is gone. Yay!!! I was so worried it would be permanent. :p
  11. omg same thing happened to me like.. two years ago(?) well when I was in high school. It was so gross looking haha
    but it went away~!!! thank goodness! All I did was apply some neosporin then I started to use aloe vera gel which cooled the burn and it felt reallyyyyy good HAHAHA
    hope it gets better soon!!
  12. Thanks! It's looking good now..thank goodness I can wear long sleeves to cover it up. :p Your sig picture is sooo cute! I :heart: your puppy. :amuse:
  13. I've way too many iron burns. I once burned my neckk area and everyone thought it was a hickey...omg it was sooo embrassing(this was back in high school). I dont think curling iron is hot enough to leave anything permanent on ur never left any on my skin. But the iron you use on clothes is a whole different story...

    -use lots of vitamin E. I really does help with the scaring. Has anyone mention mederma? Its a pain to apply all the time but its worth the hassle.

    Hope you dont get a scar! I'm sure you wont...but if you do at least its not on ur forehead or something. :p
  14. Lol yeah..that would be embarrassing if it was on my forehead. Haha thanks azhangie! Hope your car comes back soon! I hate it when my baby is at the dealership. I really don't trust some of the people who work there. :shrugs:
  15. thanks!!! I really do hate them.