Curlin is 2007 Horse of the Year

  1. I'm feeling VERY MUSHY over this babe today so I must share hehe

    This horse is AMAZING! Last night he was crowned the American Horse of the Year and is, in every sense of the word, a champion.

    A maiden (horse that has never won a race) at the beginning of 2007, Curlin went on to enter the Kentucky Derby undefeated (with an average winning margin of 6+ lengths) and suffered an horrendous trip in the Derby and still managed to weave his way through traffic to get up to be third. He came back a mere two weeks later to win by a nose in a thrilling stretch run against Street Sense in the Preakness. Then three weeks after that running a mile and half he was beaten by the outstanding filly Rags to Riches by a nose.

    A campaign like that over only FIVE MONTHS would take quite a toll on a horse....but especially a 3 year old baby. Instead, Curlin flourished. He put on weight and then went on to beat the best older horses in the Jockey Club Gold Cup and an amazing, decisive victory in the Breeders Cup Classic.

    Congrats, Curlin!!!!! Our King in the Sport of Kings!!
    curlin_0604work_palmer.jpg CurlinBelmontRS.jpg CurlinWorksAE.jpg CurlinRebelStakesJC.jpg CurlinStallBmontRS.jpg
  2. What a story, what a gorgeous must love him to death....Congrats:heart:H
  3. What a magnificent animal!
  4. Congratulations Curlin!!!! I love the pic of him with that sweet face hanging over his stall door :heart:
  5. ^I agree.. great story :smile:
  6. he's a truly fine horse -- though i must admit i was pulling for the filly in the preakness. i have a soft spot for the youngsters who have to grow into themselves, and for the trainers and owners who stick with them and believe in them during less than stellar outings as 2-yr olds. (though i WISH they didn't race at all as 2-yr olds.)

    congrats, curlin -- you've grown into a mighty fine racehorse. and for all your future starts, Safe Trip. :heart:
  7. I know you mean "Belmont" hehe:upsidedown:

    She's one tough broad to stare that big boy down over 1-1/2 miles.....and she's drop dead gorgeous to boot.

    STILL gives me goosebumps....Rags to Riches nearly fell at the start. When it happened I almost threw up hahahahah

    But this stretch run is what I live for hahah

  8. whoopise! i should fully engage my brain before posting, lol.

    quite an edge-of-the-seat race -- so many were this year, weren't they? the triple crown races, the breeders' cup , the travers -- there wan't one among that didn't end with my thinking "now THAT was a RACE!"

    i just love that filly -- how she looked at him and said "oh no you do NOT!" -- as one of the commentators said, curlin' ran his eyeballs out - but it was HER race. definitely in her pedigree, but more importantly in her heart.
  9. There were a lot of very close finishes in some very important races this year.

    It really made me very happy that all three finalists for Horse of the Year were three year olds. Sometimes you start to wonder if we're breeding speed at the sacrafice of soundess and when such a deep, talented, gritty, willing to throw-the-gloves-off group of sophomores hit the track this year (many dancing for every dance) ... it really made me happy!!!

    Curlin wins the Jockey Club Gold Cup:

    Rags in the Belmont:

    Curlin in the Preakness:

    Street Sense in the Travers:

  10. WOW!!! How impressive! You should feel mushy, I do too reading all this :love:
  11. i just watched that race again -- and i remembered she hit her knees, but i had completely forgotten that she came from behind 4 WIDE up the outside!!!! -- open the link and click on (VIDEO)

    Try that one! hehe I could talk about this horse and his accomplishments all day... I better stop...but

    since we've talked about Rags to Riches in this post...I must say all other thoughts aside...this is the most gorgeous pic of a race horse this year...her gorgeous white face w/ her blanket of carnations....
  13. she looks nice with lillies, too. :graucho: