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  1. Hey ladies!! I am new here to the forum (but not to Coach) and I was curious about something.....can you help me out?? I have noticed that most of you go to the outlets in search of the fp deletes (I recently acquired my first fp delete----midnight maggie and matching wallet) instead of the mff bags. Why is this?? I read here in the forum that the mff bags quality is supposed to be equal to the fp bags. All of my bags except for Maggie are mff....I have to admit that now since I have been on the forum, I usually head for the 30% and 50% sections first!! Can someone enlighten me please????
  2. For me, it's simply a matter of preference. I don't go out of my way to avoid MFF bags, I just tend to prefer the FP styles. If I fell in love with a MFF bag, I would not be opposed to purchasing at all.
  3. I agree with JOM74 and for me - if you are gonna pay $140 bucks for a MFF bag why not put it toward a FP delete.
  4. I's all a matter of preference. I prefer to head straight to the 30% and 50% areas at the Outlet and zone in for the FP deletes as well. But there are some Coachies that prefer MFF over FP or even some that buy both.

  5. Also, I think a lot of us have particular bags in mind and we seek them out. I'm not opposed to MFF, I just don't own any at the moment (I have MFF accessories, but no bags). They are good quality, but I have to say...sometimes they get a little too wacky.
  6. Here's a funny story for ya. I am 6 hours away from my Coach outlet. I went Labour Day weekend and had an MFF bag on hold. When I got there they had lots of great deletes, and one bag I had been coveting was the bone croc Maggie so I got that plus some other deletes at great prices.

    We had a new girl start at work the other day and she walks in with none other than that MFF bag I had on hold but opted not to get because of the deletes I bought. I have to admit, I was GREEN with envy over her $100 bag. I so regretted not getting it.

    It's easy to get drawn into the world of boutique bags are better than MFF bags, but if you see an MFF that you love, just get it. I have a feeling I'll be on the hunt for this little MFF bag now. If anyone is curious, it's the graphite embossed tote. I did end up buying the wallet, and now I must have the matching bag.

    I guess the moral of this story is that the MFF stuff shouldn't just be written off simply because it's MFF - at least not for me. I know some may feel it's an inferior product, I don't though. Especially the MFF stuff that's come out in the last 3-4 months - the newer MFF stuff is TDF and I think more is coming.

  7. While the craftsmanship of the MFF bag may be similar to that in FP bags, I don't agree that the quality is the same. 90% of the time the leather is not as nice, the hardware is inferior or non existent, the styles are simpler (requiring less time to make), and they are usually smaller (less materials), etc.

    That said, if I liked an MFF bag and the price was right, I would buy it, no problem.
  8. For me is that I love the FP Bags... The detail are amazing and I just love the styles of their bags better...

    I love getting them at the outlet because I get a great price breack...
  9. FP bags tend to have more detail and I like that. Also more people in my area have MFF and I would rather have something unique. I mean if I can get a FPD for the same price or close to it as a MFF then I'm going for the delte. I would definitely carry a MFF bag that I loved however. It doesn't matter to me I just have to love the bag. I also like feeling like I'm getting a great deal when I'm getting a 600 dollar bag for 300 dollars and tax that's pretty darn cool!

    Overall for me it's just the lack of detail on the MFF bags that makes me head to the deletes first.
  10. I agree with the above posters. It's all in the details. Tassels, hardware, pockets, lining....the deletes have it all PLUS a great price.
  11. Ever hear, "You get what you pay for"? I think that is the case with Full Price vs. Factory. Full price bags are worth what they are originally sold for due to the materials used and craftmanship (as well as the details that others mentioned). When they are deleted, you are getting a deal -- a bargain. You are getting a $400 bag (for example) for say $250. When you buy Made For Factory, you are paying $150 for a bag that is only worth $150. It is not the same quality as a Full Price bag, and it is not worth as much. But its pricing reflects these differences. So I think people are often drawn to the deletes because those are an actual deal, while MFF is just a cheaper product being sold at an appropriate price.

    That said, if you like MFF products, I wouldn't hesitate to buy one. I just wouldn't feel like I was getting a special deal on the bag. The fact that it is so much cheaper to start with makes it worth it for a lot of people, though.
  12. Yep, it's in the details-- the FP deletes often have better details. They're also much more elusive, so it's exciting to find a bag at the outlet that you've admired previously in the boutique. The MFF bags come out in quantities, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but they're just easier to find so they don't seem as unique.

    But, there are a lot of wonderful MFF bags. Some have been copied from the FP versions, such as the original Peytons last winter, the lavendar Julianne, the Parker Hippies and shoulder bags, the Ali... I couldn't tell the difference between these and the FP versions. I think there are also some great MFF designs like the convertible Zoe. It doesn't have the same hardware as the original FP Zoe, but it's still a fantastic bag.
  13. I've bought a lot more MFF bags this year since I started visiting an outlet. I've never been opposed to them and think some of them are pretty cute! however, I still love my FP bags, but I will only by them with the 25% off at PCE
  14. For me I love a great deal on a handbag so I seek the fp deletes and I feel amazing when I score one. I do occasionally buy a mff bag. This past weekend I picked up the mff ashely sabrina look alike in chocolate brown.
  15. I think the quality is not the same personally. I feel a difference in the leather and see a difference in the hardware so I prefer to go for the deletes. I also don't like how they match some of the colors, etc up in the MFF stuff. Then the fact that because I live so close to an outlet, everyone seems to have MFF stuff.

    I agree with above about the better deal being finding a delete and getting it half off or whatever.