1. This is the second item that I have purchased from overseas and am wondering why it smells like moth balls?? has anyone experienced this with their purchases?? How in the world do I get this awfull smell out??
  2. Lots of Asian stores put moth balls in their stock room to prevent some little bugs from eating up wool/leather material.

    Air your bag and the smell will go away in a few days.
  3. from LV Lady?

    My babylone was like that (but I love it!) - Try some fabric softener sheets. I actually didn't do anything and the smell was gone after about 2 weeks of using it.
  4. because of the humidity over there.

    Irene has bought a few bags from there and had the same issue. She's been lucky just turning the bags inside out and using fabreeze.
  5. Just leave it exposed in the air for a couple hours. Should be fine in no time. :yes:
  6. I think there are a few threads regarding how to get rid of the smell. Try searching the forum. ;)

    As for the mothball smell, some PFers mentioned that most of those bags are from countries with hot weather.
  7. Stuff it with dryer sheets or charcoal & leave it in a sunny place. If it has a lining you can turn inside out then pulll it out & spray it with febreeze & leave it in a sunnyy place. Irene has really good advice about this problem I think you can search mothball & find a lot of help.
  8. Am I the only one in the world who likes the smell of mothballs?:shrugs:
  9. ^^^ Yes! :lol:

    I ALWAYS ask about the mothball smell BEFORE I buy from sellers in the Orient.
  10. Thanks Ladies- I will head to the store for some dryer sheets and see what I could do. I so wanted to use this in a couple of weeks on my trip to New England- I sure hope that it is gone before I leave...:sad:
  11. I have a LV monogram complete with mothballs- ya wanna buy it..:graucho:
  12. "Does it come full set, with the dustbag, care booklet AND mothball smell?" :lol: :P
  13. Air it out as much as possible and try febreeze. I had a closet that reeked of mothballs (too strong for even dryer sheets) from a previous tenant and I got an odor absorbing block (comes in a tub like sour cream) from a hardware store. Its charcoal and some other stuff. It got rid of the smell in a few days. :flowers:
  14. Oooh, how nice a trip to New England to see all those fabulous fall colors!

    BTW, am I the only one who has the image of a stockroom stacked with LV bags each filled to the brim with mothballs? :lol:
  15. Baking soda works well too ;)
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