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  1. This question may not apply to those who are new to bbags.. but for those who are not... what do you think about bal's recent repetition/similarity of colors in the recent seasons? I remember that it was endless seasons before another "yellow" was released after mustard and marigold. And the same can be said about the bright reds (true red, then years later VIF, tomato, coral). I remember us complaining "when are they going to release another purple" and now we're getting them in consecutive seasons.

    Sometimes when I miss out on a bbag I think: "It doesn't bother me so much because if I miss it this season, there will most likely be a similar one next season..." <-- but that's a frame of thought one would NOT have had 2 to 3 years ago. So now I almost feel indifferent to the bbag at times because of this.... grrr.

    so what's your opinion on this matter??? I'm curious to know.....
  2. Although the colours may be similar the leather won´t ........I only own -05 bags and earlier years, and IMO the leather beats most newer bags. I confess that I have not seen/felt all the newer seasons bags, and I am happy to come to another conclusion some time soon;)

  3. I think this is a good point. I think Bal is headed towards greater mass production (what with the possible Balenciaga online website to order from in the near future), so repetition of colors seems to appeal to a greater audience? It makes older bags harder to sell because Bal comes out with so many new similar colors.
  4. I agree with you tnc and I think some bags I purchased thinking, well there is no colour like this, then a few years later, oh here it is (we haven't seen super clear pictures of Amethyst yet, but it really looks like 05 Magenta??) I believe I am in the minority here, but I do think that the older leather is a little over hyped. I think most Bal has the ability to become superfantastic with use and a little care. My 06 Grey was shiny and veiny when I got her and now she easily compares to the 05's that I have, and there are quite a few. And I have purchased brand spanking new 05's that still need to be broken in to become fabulous.

    It does take the edge off the market because there are only so many colours on the colour wheel and once you have a rainbow, how many more can you add without total duplication?? I have pretty much struck off every colour for 08 solely for this reason. I am not saying the colours are the same, but if you have Blue India, who would also buy Aquamarine. They are different, but not different enough.

    So I guess the real holdout is for the pewter hardware because that hasn't been re-released. I guess if they ever re-release the pewter hardware ....

    I wish you well,

  5. LOL, yes us oldies-but-goodies often wonder why they call them "new" ;)
  6. I don't mind if they release similar colors. In fact, I prefer it :yes: That way if I miss out on a color there is a chance i can get it in the future.

    the only side effect i can see is that it makes past colors that sold for very high not as desirable anymore (i.e. i cant imagine marigold would get as much $$ anymore). i dont buy my bbags w/the intention of selling, though, so it doesnt affect me.

    eta: oh, and it might get boring lol... there have been sooo many blues for the past 3 seasons that are similar (EB, FB, Ocean, Aqua, Turq). For me it's kinda hard to tell them apart sometimes... and it's just kinda like "blahhh, at least space them out a bit so it's not the same ole' same ole' each season!" :P
  7. exactly... is it bad for me to say that the repetition is getting boring???
  8. If they ever do that - my bank account will definitely suffer!! Some colors are just so much better with phw, I only wish...
  9. One thing we need to keep in mind is the bag colors that are produced are the trend colors of that season. Those colors can be found in their clothes and shoes as well. For example, purples and magentaish pinks have been very strong colors for a few seasons now for many designers. However, I'm sure Bal checks out tPF once in a while to see what colors people are hungry for.
  10. Even though there are similar colors, they're never really the same. I like that some colors are being repeated -- it gives me a chance to get the ones I missed (like RV, substituted by lovely Tomato, for example). I don't think such a reissue is boring because there are really only a certain number of colors you can make. You can't expect every season to contain colors that haven't been made before. There's bound to be some overlap. I actually like comparing the nuances between similar colors and deciding which one I like best. :yes: