Curious! re: diaper bags

  1. do any of you use a Louis as a diaper bag? if so, which ones? :nuts:
  2. When I had my son (years ago!:nuts:), DH bought me a mini mono diaper bag (the old style). It was THE MOST UNCOMFORTABLE bag EVER MADE!!!:rant: I hear the ones they sell now (the newest style) is pretty comfy and user friendly. AND it can be used as a carry on luggage when you are done with it!:idea:
  3. I don't have any kids now, but *IF* or *WHEN* I do lol, I'll be getting those mini lin diaper bags (if girl: pink; if boy: blue) :drool: cuz those are AWESOME!!! there are soooo many pockets that you can play around with! :biggrin:
  4. I would so love a pink mini lin diaper bag! Umm...would have to be if I ever have kids..
  5. I have a Popincourt Haut, really love this bag but someone once told me it looked like a diaper bag.

  6. I have the old style one and i still use it if we are going on a day trip , wipes drinks etc and my baby is four ! I was trying to justify buying the new one but i have to say i have loved my diaper bag !
  7. I use my mini monogram deauville. It was a special order and is perfect becuase it has a wipeable interior and elastics to hold bottles and pockets on both sides for diapers and wipes. I have the long strap too when my hands are full. The monogram deauville would be a great choice for a diaper bag!
  8. Haaa, all my bags are pretty much a diaper bag. Today I used my mono stephen and the other day my damier 30 speedy.
  9. I've been stuffing some of my daughter's things in my BH.
  10. You are one hot and rocking mommy!!! :biggrin:

  11. :shame: Aww, thanks!
    I just always put my son's bottles in a ziplock. Can't wait for my MC SPeedy diaper bag, LOL.