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  1. Hi I'm new here, and am truly a designer handbag lover. I've always bought them from the designer boutiques and would love to try to buy it online instead. However, I am scared to get into bussiness with the dodgy sites. Can anyone recommend a descent website that I can have a look at? Thanks!!!:biggrin:

  2. Welcome!! Any of the department stores, eluxury, Net-A-Porter, luisa via roma, to name a few...
  3. Thanks chigirl!! So, can I not trust the other inofficial websites then?
  4. Welcome!
    Visit our Seller Watch Forum, there's lists upon lists of trustworthy websites and websites that sell counterfeits.
    It really depends on the brand you're looking for.
  5. Welcome Anne! I am pretty new to designer bags too. Everyone here is awesome and they really know their bags so you are in good hands!! Again, welcome! :smile: and have fun!
  6. Anne - welcome!
  7. I think the Marketplace here is a great place to buy used handbags! It's very tempting to buy everything though... so consider yourself warned! :lol:
  8. Welcome Ann!