Curious, if you have a damier piece with red linen lining

  1. Can you please rub the inside with a white dry cloth and post if the cloth stains at all. I just rubbed my damier speedy and my Illovo mm with a white t-shirt and both stained slightly. I want to know if this is a defect on my bags or do all damier linen linings do this. If they all do, then there is no need for me to bring in to LV, I'll just stop buying damier altogether. Thanks in advance.
  2. yikes...that is not good news. i would like to know too since i am thinking about buying a damier pegase which comes with the red lining. i am thankful my damier keepall doesn't. sorry about the rub off. curious what the others have to say about this problem.
  3. I 'll be back..
  4. you're so cute bagsnbags! I'll be back
  5. I am backkkkk,

    I rubbed it really really hard..yes the white shirt became pinkish..
    But in normal use I don't think will have any problem at all. I think it's not good to keep light color venis pieces inside damier bag.
  6. Cec, did you try it???
  7. yup, my mom's damier has a lil pinkish stain on the cloth and I also tried it on the red alcantara from my MC bags and they stained too (but more fluff came off)....
  8. I just tried on a Damier Speedy 25 - Made in France - January 06

    I rubbed super hard with a white t-shirt and there was no color transfer. In addition, I tried with a damp white t-shirt and there was no color transfer.

    Hope this helps.
  9. Really??

    is mine defective?? I hardly carry mine, so far 4-5 times at the most so I don't know if it can ruin a wallet.

  10. i did the same thing on my belem pm (made in france, november 2004) and there was no color transfer. :shrugs:
  11. I even made the lining damp and still nothing. I rubbed hard enough that I left some white from the t-shirt on it. LOL

    I carry a light leather wallet and I've never had color transfer. I had tested it early on after I got the bag since I'd read about this problem in the forum. So now I've tested twice and still nothing. I carry the bag all the time and have taken it everywhere, including storing it in my hockey gear bag during my games and it's still looks brand new.

    The reason I included the mfg date and location was to see if y'all can pin it down to a specific factory or timeframe.
  12. one time a got cookie crumbs inside my damier speedy and I wiped out the inside with a damp towel and yes, it did stain the towel pink/red...however I use a purseket and all of my accessoires in my bag and dark leather/material so I haven't had any problem with the staining...but I could imagine it happening to a white leather/vernis perle piece!
  13. Hmmm...interesting. Mine is also made in France and January 06. I have a 30 though, and it came from Elux. I didn't know mine had color transfer until recently as I use a large purseket and cardboard, so nothing came in contact with the lining. I decided one day though to take the cardboard away and try a thin magazine so the bottom would be somewhat structured but wouldn't look so severely flat. I have a Chanel sunglasses case which is a white pearlized vinyl material and I noticed it was pinkish on the edges. Sure enough, it was coming in contact with the bottom lining because the magazine wasn't long enough to go from edge to edge. I tried the napkin test at that time and there was definitely transfer.

    I don't really care about the case, it's just for protecting the sunglasses and I don't have any vernis items. I hate to give up the bag (if they would even exchange it) because it's my first made in France bag and I ordered it on June 1. Also, it came on June 3rd, 2 days later, which was my birthday. I am cheap and did not order nor pay for 2 day shipping. I felt as if someone wanted to make sure I got it on my birthday, even though I ordered it myself.
  14. I actually have the same Chanel glasses case but haven't ever carried it in my bag. Hmmm, I wonder if the color rubs off if there's contact over a period of time and if certain plastics or unfinished leathers are more likely to pick up the color. :confused1:
  15. There isn't any color transfer with my Damier Speedy's lining.