Curious - how much of a discount...?

  1. How much of a discount do you think the Bal SA get on their bags? Oh, to dream...
  2. my friend who worked at gucci got 50% off bal bags when the bags were group owns bal now.
  3. Wow!!!

    Are they hiring? :graucho:
  4. yeah, anyone here works for any of the bags that we r all trying to get? pls do share so we can if u can buy the bags for us.. heheh
  5. OMG!!!! 50%??? That's like a dream come true:blink:.
  6. I would just have them dep=osit my check directly into the cash register. My husband has forbid me from ever working in retail because he knows I'd just spend it all at the store. When I was an undergrad I wanted to work parttime my last 2 years (I had worked fulltime my first 2 years) at somewhere like Gap...he vetoed it...said it would be pointless lol
    But man...for 50% off....sign me up lol Most places are only around 10-20%
  7. lol - could you imagine!.....:rolleyes:

    Surely they'd limit the number of bags an employee can buy. I'd suck at working in retail as I wouldn't bring home much of a paycheck.
  8. I agree. Retail work is tiresome and hard (can you imagine all the demanding fashionistas?)

    I am sure they limit their purchases.

    But the few you get, you can consider that discount a pretty nice bonus! It might even out. Do they get commission too?
  9. I'd probably work until I hit the yearly purchase limit and then quit and move on to the next purse store lol
  10. LOL meeee too.
  11. Makeup Artists at MAC get 60% off, that's the best discount I've ever heard of for retail. And for high end cosmetics their prices aren't even bad to begin with.