much H and how often?

  1. How often do you wear/carry...something H? Daily? A few times a week?
    When you do, how many H items will you wear/carry at one time?
  2. 99.9% of the time.
    my purse, or a scarf, or both. and having anything H with me makes me feel so happy.
    in my purse is a small leather item, but it is not visible, if that's what you mean. it's always in my purse though.
  3. daily. oh, and anything from one to three....but I always have a few items 'hidden'....agenda, key chain etc.
  4. Daily--even if it's just running out the door, I'll have at least my H-wallet with me. As far as a bag, if I'm bringing a purse and it's not raining, it'll be H-daily, be it a GPT or other H-bag.
  5. Daily! I always have at least my Ulysee, one of my bracelets and Hippo cadena everyday...somedays I carry an H bag and/or wear a scarf too. :yahoo:
  6. I use one of my Kellys daily.
    Even today (it rained like crazy), I chose my togo Kelly and put her in a longchamps pliage.
  7. Every single day! I'm usually with something Hermes....porc agenda, key chain, scarf, wallet........yep. There's always something Hermes hanging off me.
  8. Good to hear all this, very reassuring!! I don't carry an H bag if there it the possibility of rain, but besides that, I usually have on an H bracelet or watch. Rarely a scarf.
  9. Daily for me too - even if it's just my watch. Today I have watch, scarf & belt. As soon as my birkin arrives I'll look even more like an H tragic. ;)
  10. Daily for me too! If its not the Ulysse, its the Dogon wallet or my Clic-Clacs. And during the work week, I am always toting the Birkin!
  11. daily. up to 2 or 3 items at times. oh and my key charm!
  12. Daily scarf (twill, cashmere, or mousse) and H bag, enamel or leather bracelets nearly every day, small agenda, etc. always tucked in my bags.
  13. Daily! Scarf, bag, wallet, perfume....
  14. Daily and Nightly as I sleep with Hermes jewelry on.

    Daily: belt, bag, usually scarves, wallet, leather goods.
  15. Daily--almost always a scarf and Caleche Delicate perfume and usually also a bag, other items may include a cadena on bag, an enamel bracelet or a scarf ring.