Curious how everyone found TPF

  1. I was just wondering how everyone happened to find The Purse Forum? I just love it here and figured it would be interesting to find out how we all came to the same place.

    I personally was looking up some info on the web about handbags via Goggle and it linked me with the site and I have never left.

    Thanks for all the hard work Vlad and Megs:tup:
  2. My SO found it for me on google..because I had mentioned to him that I wanted to join one because he too has one ( a car forum )
  3. I found it while Googling for handbags.
  4. I used to belong to LVLU (before it died) and am a moderator over on handbag community on LJ. I found the community through posts on LVLU and on the handbag community I help run
  5. I also found it while googling for handbags :smile:
  6. First I found it because I was googling for the Chloe Paddington....but I didnt really pay much attention to it....then I found it again because I was googling for the perfect mascara....
  7. I prayed to to the google gods for a forum about!
  8. I was searching on google for ways to identify fake Miu Miu bags and came across this forum, so I signed up!

    It's the best thing you can do if you don't want to end up with a knockoff from eBay!

  9. I can't remember. I was searching for something and it popped up. So glad it did! I absolutely love it here!
  10. I was googling a website that had great prices on Prada bags. The little voice inside my head was screaming fake but that little kernel of hope sent me to google. TPF popped up telling me, yes dumb dumb, of course it's fake.:p I am grateful to that stupid fake site though because it lead me here!:tup:
  11. I was looking for information on Chloe Paddington's and the google trail led me to here.
  12. I saw that somebody on eBay said that they were a member of "The Purse Forum" and gave the link so I had a look and here I am!!!
  13. I think I did a google search for handbag obsession and eventually found my way here!
  14. i think through tFS but don't remember how exactly...
  15. I was searching for a way to authenticate some Manolo Sedarabys :graucho: