CURIOUS:how do you store the mirror of your Balenciaga?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I finally worked out how to post a new thread! I was asking this question in other threads and getting NO replies (surprise surprise).


    I recently purchased my first Balenciaga (Blue Twiggy 05') and am having trouble figuring out where to attach it on my bag.

    I really want to use it, so there is no question of me putting it away!

    I have had a couple of suggestions, but thought that everyone would have their own useful theories.

    I would love to hear/ see where you all attach your mirrors (if at all)

    I have also attached a pic of my bag for anyone interested.

    Thanking you all in advance

    - Jo -
  2. Congratulations on your first B-bag and figuring out how to post a thread!
    I personally don't hang my mirror on my bag mainly because I decorate my bags with braided tassles and charms, and that is enough for the outside. I also like to have the extra tassle so I remove it and get the kinks out of it, and slip the mirror in the compartment on the inside of the bag. But when gals use them they usually tie the tassles on the hardware of the lefthandside of the handles on the side of the bag with the zippered compartment. Then you slip the mirror in the compartment and you can zip it closed, while leaving some of the tassle drooping out. Hope that made sense and if not I can do it and take a photo for you. Maybe some gals have photos already.
  3. I started to understand, but then got a little lost... hehe

    Can you post a pic?

    That would be soooooooooo appreciated!
  4. Congrats on getting your new B-bag!! I don't use my mirror so I can't really help you. Some people just leave the mirror attach to the right or left rings on the B-bag and you can either let it hang out of your bag or just keep it inside your bag. If you let it hang loose, there is a risk of having it caught on something and getting rip off. I know some celebs just let their mirror hang out.
  5. Thanks!

    Yeah I've also seen mirrors hanging out... but knowing me - it will be broken within a week!

    I got some advice to take the mirrors tassle off, and keep it as a spare and then put the mirror on the inside pocket.

    I'm thinking of doing this... but thought that there might be a nice way to let it hang. I'll probably put it inside, knowing how accident prone I am.

    Thanks for your advice

  6. ^ Welcome to tPF by the way!! :wlae:
  7. By the way... I have another question "another oneeeeeee?"

    Do you guys stuff your B-bags or let them flop? I only got mine yesterday, so I've still got some stuffing in it but just wondering if I should leave it in or take it out?

    I wont be using it till I get my LovinMyBag products anyway, but just thought I'd see what others are doing - and if either method is better/ worse for the bag?
  8. Thanksssssssss!
  9. I stuff mine to avoid the crease in the back of the bags and I store them standing up right in their own dust bags.
  10. Do you reccommend storing them in the original box too?

    Currently, my bag is stuffed and then layed down flat in its box.
  11. ^ I don't store them in its original box because leather needs to breathe.
  12. Yeah true... thanks for the advice.

    Do you stuff it with paper, or opt for fabric?
  13. ^ I stuff them with tissue papers but I know other Pfers stuff them with old clean tee shirts. Whatever works I guess. lol
  14. Yeah, I think I'll go for the old tshirts.

    The leather on my particular bag is thinner than I expected (the store told me it was veiny but thin leather) so I want to keep it in the best shape possible.

    Thanks heaps for your advice... I'm sure I'll be back with more questions.
  15. :shame:
    Sorry you guys! I didn't explain very well, did I? Okay here ya go. Just keep in mind that the tassle I used is in perfect straight condition because I get all the kinks out of my tassles and hang them on a hanger under plastic until I need to use them. So the tassle is hanging very stiff. I also didn't tie the knot very tight so I didn't kink up the tassle. You'll also see what I mean about my braid and charms being enough going on that another tassle on the outside of the bag is too much for it. But this is what I have seen including them just hanging free rather than inside the pocket.

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