do you afford your "Hermes Addiction?"

  1. Hello,
    I am new to this forum and share in the love for Hermes. I have yet to own a piece by Hermes but love everything about it. I have been reading throughout the forum to see what others have to say and see that many of you have several beautiful Birkins, Kellys, etc... I'm just curious as to what you do for a living in order to afford such a large collection. I am not asking for you to give your yearly salary, just curious as to how you can afford your "addiction"...LOL (A little description of your career would be nice too.) Or are you one of the lucky ones to have someone else to support your habit, if so, what is it that they do for a living? Thanks to everyone that contributes to this thread, and I look forward to talking with each of you about something that we all share in common.....Love for Hermes!
  2. There is a What Do You Do For a Living thread somewhere here which you can find through the search function. And there is also some related discussion here:

    Feel free to share information about yourself as well. It's always nice to get to know who's doing the asking.

  3. Thank you gina_b,
    I am still very new to this thread and trying to figure out how to exactly get around to enjoy everything that this Forum has to offer.
    Thank you once again.:yes:
  4. Hey Rick! Welcome!

    Well, I have a hubby to support my habit, and I have my own business as well.

    I'm on the hunt for a Sugar Daddy, though.......
  5. Welcome, Rick!

    This issue has been discussed before so perhaps do a search? There is a thread called "What we have in common" or something to that effect. Otherwise, there are people from every walk of life.

    GF, want me to lend you Mr Lau? I'm almost done with him...