Curious....Hmm.....Azur Saleya MM's?

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  1. I was just wondering for those of you that have been to the LV boutiques recently.....Have you noticed if they had any Azur Saleya MM's in stock?? If so, how many?

    I'm not looking to purchase yet...Just wondering, if there's any out there is all...:shrugs:

    TIA! :yes: :flowers:
  2. Last time I went to LV which is beginning of February they only have the azur pochette.
  3. When I went to the Boston Copely store on March 3rd, they had all sizes in the Azur Saleya.
  4. Da** I just went today and I didn't even look around much. :push:
  5. Hmm..Wow, I'm surprised! :amazed: That's good to know! Maybe they're going to start trickling in...

    Thanks for the info!!:yes:
  6. They may have more stock since most ppl will be interested in the Mini Lin, Dentelle, and the next few releases.
  7. i saw one on display at holt's - yorkdale last weekend
  8. I saw one on display Feb 28th in Bloomingdales and the SA said she had a few in the back.
  9. I still havn't seen any!! And I want one!!!
  10. I bought the PM at the Atlanta LV back in February, but haven't carried her yet. Awfully cute though!
  11. Cool!!! I tried it on before in the reg. Damier awhile back....wasn't sure how I felt about it. I liked it..but still unsure. :confused1:

    I'm hoping that when I decide to make a trip to LV that they'll have 1 in stock (in Azur) so I can see how it looks. It's hard to tell going by the reg. Damier how the Azur might look. :shrugs:
  12. i think the mm is the more underground bag.
    i really wanna try one!
  13. I love the saleya mm my boutique has never had one that i have seen.
  14. When I asked about two weeks ago, they only had the GMs at the Valley Fair store. I want this or the PM but need to try it on first.
  15. Last time i was in the Minneapolis LV they had one. And a PM too. :smile: