Curious here...

  1. What bag are you carrying today? (Give us the specs)
  2. Black PM Garden Party canvas/buffalo
  3. Trim - gold clemence/gold h/w - white top stitching
  4. Birkin 30cm Gold Clemence/Silver HW
  5. My recently acquired Folies bag (from 1990) in Jaune, I believe.
    It's sunflower yellow!

    And I just got three scarves in the mail, including the rain-resistant Eva!
  6. red birkin with gold hardware....
  7. Does it have to be totally hermes only?

    If not, 2day, I'm carrying my Dior Ballet Bag.
  8. Today my white LV Suhali lockit bag -- the season is short and I just got it last weekend from tr444....and it's goat!
  9. post pics!
  10. Today I am using my Chanel Cerf. Had to go to court again this monring and I just didn't want to take my Kelly.
  11. Blue jean kelly, pall.
  12. Speedy 25 with an Hermes Twilly. :graucho:
  13. Kenneth Cole Reaction Dark Grey Nylon Messenger Bag - same bag I carry 90% of the time and it's casual day today

    I will only start carrying my Hermes when I have more fuchsia ostrich bags, must have back-ups of back-ups...
  14. This morning because I have to run out for a few minutes to run an errand, it's my 31cm Toile/Barenia Trim I. Then later today it'll be my 28cm Caramel (or Grey Poupon) Chevre Kelly!!!!!