curious : has anyone bought anything after the price increase?

  1. pls. post anything you've bought since jan. 21st, 2008. pls. note current price :crybaby: and price prior to the price increase (if known). just for reference. :idea:

  2. Bought a pompons in Dec '07 for S$270. Bought another one last week for S$280. The price increase for this item is not so bad.
  3. If Hermes reissues the grail scarf Rencontre Oceane I'll swoop in and buy some despite the price increase from $325 to a reported $365 February 1st. Confess, I did my swooping number this Monday by getting 2 scarves from the Palm Beach boutique to avoid the increase.
  4. I got a nice bag for my birthday right before the price increase. When a very special exotic finally arrives, I expect we will fork out the bucks for it. Too bad it didn't come last week!!
  5. The prices on haven't gone up yet. I just checked.
  6. yah, i called my SA and she said so far, only the scarves have gone up. nothing yet on the leather goods. she's guessing first week of feb.

    i thought it'll all went up on the 21st. (?)
  7. oh and enamel bangles prices went up already!
  8. i bought a twilly last week (uk price increase must have been on the 1st or something :rolleyes: ), £66, up from £64 if i remember correctly. i wish everything had only gone up by £2 :lol: that i could handle!
  9. I bought a shawl and a scarf and they scanned each one before I paid to see if it was in the computer at the old or new price. (old)
  10. WHAT?! :wtf: The scarves went up/are going up that much?! I had no clue...usually it's only like $20-25 (US). I think that's a bit much...But, I guess it is what it is...and, truth be told, if I saw a scarf that I had to have, I'd pay it anyway....:girlsigh:

    I am so glad that I got all the Kermits I wanted in 2007!! :tup:

    Sorry, didn't really respond appropriately...I was a bit taken back! I will be getting a Birkin this year and didn't even bother asking the price because I know it will be higher than the 2007 price! I couldn't bear to know...
  11. pazt I take it u didnt make a trip to our local H store after our rendezvous yesterday??? BTW, r u gonna get something or did u already?:graucho::graucho:
  12. hmmm....her bday is this wknd, so perhaps she did!!!!!?????? LOL!!!!
  13. Not yet... but sadly still have 2 bags to but that will cost alot more!
  14. My store has not had the increase yet -- yeah!!
  15. it before the hike!