Curious... H-restricted zones?

  1. My trip to the nail salon got me thinking about exceptions to my rule about using my H bags everywhere because they are meant to be used and enjoyed. For me, the nail salon is really the only place I WILL NOT bring my H bags (you should have seen Ms. Birkin rocking out at the NIN concert and carrying beer at Yankee Stadium). Thoughts of dripping acetone and polish... and being moved around by others... yikes!

    Are there any no-go zones for your H bags? Any occasion you find yourself using your rainkit indoors?
  2. beaumonde, yes.....there are places I try to avoid taking my H with me. Anywhere I feel my bag will be exposed to a non safe or dirty setting the floor.

    For this reason, I so often use my Kellys instead of the Birkin style bags 'cause I can at least hang Kelly from my shoulder....I've even balanced her on my shoulder inside the ladies room stall when there was no place to hang her. ( we ladies can be very creative:tup:)

    Even at the grocery store where I can still carry bags on my arm, I'd rather not be bothered with having to look after my Hermes there and concentrate on getting in and shop and get out. And, too, Hermes is heavier than a cloth bag ( like a Vera Bradley ) and often my VBs end up at the store with me, instead.

    A lady can get pretty creative when she needs to but I feel sometimes there is more creativity called for than I want to give, so I select some other bag.

    Oh, as for the rainkit, in all these years, I've never used one....but they could come in handy to set a bag on.
  3. The floor!!!
  4. I don't take my H to the hairdressers - all that colourant and bleach about, lol, plus my bags tend to get dumped on the floor and abandoned for the hair washing part.

    I would have said the floor too was a no-go zone, but I'm over this fear now and much more relaxed with my H bags, although I would be very precious for a few months with any new H bags, then after the first biff to two, anything goes, lol
  5. Football games for me. H on a dirty bleacher getting kicked around and knocked over when people jump up or move by me? No no!
  6. I never put a Birkin (or Kelly) on the floor but that is really the case with almost all of my bags, H or not. I rarely but occasionally will take my black Birkin to a nail salon if I stop in on the spur of the moment, but usually sit there worried about it the whole time! Never brought one to a hair salon though my Evelyne goes there with me all the time.
    I do take my bags to the grocery store, to the vet's office, to restaurants, shopping, on the train, to wine tastings, etc.--all places where they could potentially be damaged.
    So I guess I'm in the middle--I give thought to the safety of my bags, LOL, but not so much so that I can't enjoy having them!
  7. ;)This is another amusing topic.

    I also saw good, old Trent back in September, beaumonde! How did Ms Birkin enjoy "Animal"?

    Whenever my grandmother is around which is rare. I wore the brand-unidentifiable Black Box Plume but would never wear H around family members who can identify Birkins or Kellys. Imagine horrifying lectures about money and wastefulness! No one needs that.

    Otherwise, I try to go to places (certain restaurants, shops, etc) where there are also other ladies/gentlemen who would carry H; mutual eye candy.
  8. nope! except out in the rain. that's the only place they don't go.
  9. A teppanyaki restaurant - all that fried egg flinging :nogood: :lol:
  10. The no fly zone for me is
    Nail Salon, Hair Salon and Home Depo or Lowes- I feel dirty after coming out of one of those stores. I couldn't imagine what my handbag would feel like!!
  11. Kiddie parties (think munchkins wildly running around with sticky fingers and goopy faces), nail salons, hair salons, and a certain family member's house. I have some family that is snide about my nice things and relish when their dogs jump on my bags or clothing. After one pup snagged a Chanel piece and they rolled around laughing with glee, I gave up wearing or carrying anything nice when visiting them.

    If you know you will be tense with nerves about the circumstances your bag will be in, it is better for piece of mind just to leave it at home. Nothing is as offputting as being worried sick about your purse instead of enjoying yourself, so I try not to put myself through it and just carry something I won't mind replacing should the accidental happen.
  12. I took my 30 year old, beat up barenia shoulder bag with a hole in it to a homeless shelter, in the rain, so my answer is an emphatic NO. Pretty much, if I'm willing to go somewhere, I have an H bag that can come with and never even blip the radar.
  13. LOL!!! :roflmfao:
  14. Never thought about the hair salon but now never again!
    Sporting events except for one bag, a bolide that has been through it all and looks it.
    Unfortunately, my MIL's house. She is a feelie, pokie, stretchie, lookie insidie type.
  15. Clubs, concerts, hair salon, soccer (er, football) games, and last but not least, the floor!

    Surprisingly enough, I'm fine taking my babies to the nail salon. The ladies there are super careful.

    And luckily enough, all my nieces and nephews are old enough to know that they shouldn't be rootin through Auntie's purse!