Curious Buyer selling my item

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  1. Hello everyone i have a question. I dont know how to react. Well first of all i sold an item on ebay for a good price the buyer paid immediate and everything. I sent the item express mail and they got it perfect. Well im waiting for feedback and well three days later he/she emails me stating :
    First of all Thank you for all the information.
    I received your
    wallet and really great codition. As you request I will leave you positive
    feed back
    as soon as I verify this wallet is authentic and please do same
    for me.
    Thank you again and good ebay.

    well now she is selling the same item and still no feedback and she is selling it more than what she paid for . I know its hers/his now. But they know its authentic than why not leave me positive feedback. Sorry for the long rant but im confused. Please any insights.
  2. They are waiting to sell it so that it does not yet show in their feedback at the lower price than they are asking. Not a huge deal and am sure that they will give your positive feedback as soon as they sell.
  3. i think its not uncommon..:P
  4. oh snap i didnt think about that. that totally makes sense. duh me. :yes:
  5. I have emailed a seller before, just to let them know the bag arrived safe and I love it but would like to postpone swapping feedback until my own auctions finish. Not because I am selling what I bought from them, but I was selling to clean out my closets and wanted to have some more space and let others enjoy my other bags and it kind of looked dumb to be downsizing my collection when I am at the same time buying a new bag....but that is bag addiction...always falling for a new one!
  6. heheh i did the same thing once...i got a brush set for a steal price and decided to re sell it on ebay...after the buyer left me afeedback i left a feedback for the seller :smile:
  7. are you talking about the groom wallet? I wanted that so bad...
  8. Well today i went back to check and the auction is gone. no sight of it. and still no positive feedback ? and im the type of seller that wont leave feedback till i get mine first. Is that so bad do do that ? I mean i will leave them positive regardless but sometimes buyers can me very vindictive just as sellers. I hope i make sense.
  9. I've asked a seller to hold off on feedback, no biggy.
    Congrats on your 1st sale!
  10. Some people just don't leave feedback. It's frustrating when you are trying to build up your feedback as a good seller and they can't be bothered.
  11. and im the type of seller that wont leave feedback till i get mine first. Is that so bad do do that ?

    I do it to but it's frustrating when they don't leave it at all..
  12. ^^^ im the same why . lol and i know they sometimes never leave you feedback . i would have 500 by now. kidding about the 500 but close enough.
  13. i think you can send them a feedback notification reminder..i remember a seller sending me one via email and reminded me to leave a feedback....
  14. ^ if you have auctivia you can do that!

    I do it often
  15. That's totally me too! I decided to sell a bunch of stuff I'm not using, but when I'm surfing around to see what my items are selling for so I know what prices to put on things, I see other things and end up bidding on them - I think I've spent more than I've made especially since I bought two Bal's!