Curious About Working Selling Bags

  1. I've been wanting to work at COACH (or starting at Macy*s to build up to it) for a while, but I have some reasons not to.

    I'm thinking about that again now, because I want to make extra money.

    The main reason not to (if I may get personal), is that I have bipolar and am on SSI, and I'm not supposed to work anywhere that does not contribute to my "career plan." Fashion blogging, therefore, is my "job". I also do sell on eBay A LITTLE, but it doesn't count, as it's always been reselling ones I bought for myself or family.

    The money I get from SSI is inconsequential, and would be if I had another job. The thing is I wouldn't have health insurance if I made more money than they give me at such a job. Then again, I can get health insurance through school.

    Then there's that I have issues with holding a regular job, I just don't like it. I like to work for myself. Ha. Blogging's good, again! But I'm not above 5 figures yet. ;)

    Then there's that being on my feet for a long time is difficult, but I could use some exercise. *Mentally taps belly.*

    And then there's that I'm in school 5 days a week. But I can manage it.

    Oh I just realized the biggest problem: I'm heading to college where I won't have a car, and may not have a ride every day. But I'll be working in a city with luxury/etc. stores and should be close enough to get to.

    Now those are the negatives, now for the questions to those who work at Coach, Macy*s, Neimans, anything...

    What is it like working retail at this kind of job? Is it hard standing all day or is there enough movement (I can walk, my feet just hate staying in one place, ouch!).

    Should I first apply to Macy*s to get experience, because I don't think I should to Coach right away, right? Or perhaps somewhere else?

    Should I try to find a job at another place that holds interest, like an office receptionist sitting? There's a dog daycare in FL that needs people, but I'll be moving there too late.

    I would love to just step up eBay to like hunt Neimans, etc. for sales, but I'm so afraid of selling too much and getting banned!!!!!!!!!!! Although I will have receipts, perhaps I can do it!!

    And now why I often think about working at COACH: I am an EXPERT. I think I would rock that job. I already know people, too, he he.

    Thank you so much for letting me be open with you all! I'm also thinking of this because I'm worried about my mother who can't work because she was injured in an accident.

    Thanks again. ---LL
  2. overall? you have to be happy. will this make you happy? or would you like to continue being a consumer and not worry about the retail sales end of it?
  3. Good questions. I suppose I'd need to know more about the retail end of it.

  4. Yes I would think carefully before jumping in.

    Good luck with your decision